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17 DIY Rabbit Beds: Easy & Cozy Homemade Solutions for Your Pet

Are you looking for DIY rabbit bed ideas?

While you can find plenty of soft bunny beds on the market, pet accessories cost a small fortune, and there's no guarantee your bunny will like its new bed. 

So, I've gathered some of my favorite DIY rabbit bed projects that you can make with cheap crafting materials and a little bit of skill. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Pet rabbits don't always need a bunny bed because they're happy to nap on floors and other soft surfaces around the house.¬†
  • You can make a comfortable rabbit bed with a few supplies and a little bit of time, creativity, and skills.¬†
  • Be careful to use suitable rabbit-friendly materials when making bunny beds.¬†

Do Rabbits Need Beds in the Cage?

Before getting to my top DIY bedding ideas for bunnies, let's talk about whether you should worry about getting a bed at all. After all, there are other rabbit basic needs you should be getting first.

In the wild, most rabbit species dig burrows and live underground in a warm and secure location that predators can't reach.

Domestic rabbits have the same instincts to seek a safe sleeping location even though they are in no danger of predators.

So, do rabbits need a special bed in the bunny house? As specialists from the RAAG say, " Pet rabbits typically sleep for around eight hours a day, so they need a cozy sleeping area to cuddle up in." (1)

But you don't need an expensive pet bed. In the rabbit hutch, you just need to make the sleeping area different from the rest of the cage. 

Outside the enclosure, most rabbits will sleep on blankets, couches, mats, or bare floors as long as they feel safe and protected.

However, if you're still worried that your pet bunny is uncomfortable, I've got 17 DIY bed projects you can try! 

17 DIY Rabbit Beds to Try

My first attempt to make a bed for rabbits was a catastrophe because I picked a complicated design and overestimated my skills. The second bed turned out to be too small for my bunny.

So, before you try any of these DIY pet bed ideas, you should consider your skill level and how big your rabbit is. After all, some breeds, like the Flemish, can reach up to four feet long! 

#1 Easy Pillow Bed

This easy pillow bed is one of my favorite designs because all you need is suitable pillow fabric, stuffing material, and a sewing machine (or knowing how to sew by hand).

Here are the instructions for this beginner project: 

  • Measure a couple of inches off the pillow's sides and draw lines from one edge to the other to mark the seam location.¬†
  • Use a sewing machine or thread/needle to sew along the lines.¬†
  • Put pillow stuffing inside the sides and make sure it's even.¬†
  • Sew the open side.
  • Watch this video for a demonstration.¬†

#2 No-Sew Rabbit Bed

Don't worry if you're not handy with a needle or a sewing machine. You can still make a comfortable bed for your bunny with suitable fabrics and scissors. Here's what to do:

  • Get two even pieces of fabric.
  • Place one piece of the fabric on top of the other.¬†
  • Use scissors to cut strips into the material. Strive to make them even in length on all sides.
  • Take one of the top strips and tie it to the bottom one.¬†
  • Repeat.
  • Check this video to see what cute rabbit bed you can make by following these simple instructions.¬†

#3 Simple Cardboard Bunny Bed

Do you have an old cardboard box lying around? Then, you can make an excellent rabbit bed for your fluffy ball without spending any money:

  • Find a cardboard box big enough for your bunny.
  • Cut one side open.
  • Place some old towels or blankets in the box! And you're ready.¬†

I like using cardboard for rabbit beds because it's not dangerous if your rabbit chews on it. However, eating fabric can cause intestinal obstruction in large amounts. 

Moreover, bunnies love chewing cardboard. And according to experts from RSPCA, your bunny needs to satisfy its chewing needs. (2)

So, you kill two birds with one stone with this easy project. And you can replace the bed with ease when it gets dirty or damaged. 

#4 DIY Cardboard Bunny Bed

While looking for DIY rabbit beds, I found this amazing article on making a doll bed for your rabbit from cardboard. (3)

All you have to do is cut cardboard pieces to make the bed frame and glue them together with a hot glue gun. It's not complicated, and it looks cute and cozy. 

However, I recommend you measure your bunny before you trim pieces to ensure the bed is big enough for your fluffy friend.

#5 Go Natural

Not all rabbits like sleeping in beds. In such cases, you should use rabbit bedding, such as paper, wood shavings, or hay, to cover the sleeping space. 

You can also get a cardboard box and fill it with hay. It perfect because hay is warm, all-natural, and safe to ingest. 

I also use Luftpets cage liners to create a cozy napping area in my rabbit cage. The liners are non-skid, machine washable, and durable. 

#6 A Towel Bed For Rabbit

Do you have an old towel or a blanket you no longer need? Then, turn it into a comfy bunny bed with some basic sewing skills:

  • Fold the towel in two.
  • Take one of the corners and start rolling the towel tightly.
  • Keep rolling until you pass the halfway point.¬†
  • Fold the two ends of the towel to make a bed with a bottom.
  • Use a sewing needle and thread to sew the ends together and the sides to prevent the fabric from unraveling.
  • Check this video for a demonstration.¬†

#7 Hop & Flop DIY Bed

This Hop & Flop project is similar to a pillow rabbit bed. However, instead of an old pillow cover, you use an original fabric. 

I like it because you can make the bed in whatever color or pattern you want. The downside is that it requires a lot of sewing, but it can be an excellent opportunity to practice your stitches.

Just make sure you have all the sewing supplies before you start. Choose machine-washable cloth and stuffing so you don't have to wash the bed by hand. 

#8 Wine Crate Bunny Bed

This wine crate bed is an excellent choice for all bunny owners who want something fancy yet cheap. All you need is a wine crate you can get for free from your local restaurant or buy from IKEA:

  • Remove two of the front wood pieces from the crate.
  • Buy suitable table legs and glue them to the crate with a hot glue gun. You can also use screws.
  • Sand down the rough edges and make sure there are no nails to hurt your rabbit feet.¬†
  • Stuff a quilted pillowcase with fleece fabric or another soft bedding.
  • Fold the pillowcase to find the crate.¬†¬†
  • And voila! You've got an expensive-looking piece of furniture for your pet without spending a fortune!¬†
  • Check the video below for more instructions.¬†

#9 The Easy Snuggle Bed for Bunny 

This beginner project is perfect for bunny owners with basic sewing skills. You can use it to make a snuggly bed for your pet in a few minutes. 

The supply list includes natural fiber cloth, fiber cotton, scissors, thread, and a sewing needle. Watch the video below for detailed instructions. 

#10 DIY Pet Bed

If you have an old long-sleeved shirt, this pet bed idea is perfect for you. It requires basic sewing skills, a bit of yarn, a pillow, old cotton clothes, and time. 

The main idea is to close the neckline, stuff the shirt's arm with clothes,  and place the cotton pillow in the bottom before you sew it shut. Not hard, right? 

The shirt must be big enough to accommodate your rabbit when you sew it into a bed. But if you follow the directions, you'll get an inexpensive pet bed that no one will know is DIY-made. 

#11 Reversible Bunny Bed

I love the idea of a reversible pet bed because my rabbit sheds as crazy in spring, so its bed quickly gets dirty. However, I did struggle a bit with the sewing because my sewing machine skills are a bit rusty.

Still, it's not a complicated project because the video shows all the important parts, and you can take the measurements from the author's blog. (4)

#12 No-Sew Pet Tent

A pet tent is an excellent idea for rabbits that don't like beds. It's also perfect for bunnies that need an extra hiding spot around the house.

The project is fairly easy, and I'm sure your bunny will love the result. All you need is suitable wood rods, fabric, and a hot glue gun. Just make sure you pick wood safe for rabbits. 

#13 DIY Rabbit Bumper Bed

Does your bunny have accidents in its bed? Then, you should try this video tutorial for a DIY rabbit bed because it will save you tons of cleaning time.

It uses three layers of fabric to create a machine-washable bed with a waterproof middle. No more scrubbing the entire rabbit hutch when your rabbit soils its bedding! 

#12 A Simple DIY Rabbit Bed

One of my rabbits avoids round beds and prefers sleeping on pillows. So, I used this easy video tutorial to make him soft bedding with a few bucks. 

#13 Cozy Fleece Cube Bed

If you're good at sewing, you should give this cube DIY bed a try. It calls for basic sewing tools, fleece fabric, and cardboard. Some people expressed concerns about using fleece, but in my experience fleece beddings are safe for bunnies.

I love this DIY project, and I wish I had the time to attempt it. My rabbits will be thrilled to hide in such a cute bed! 

#14 DIY Pet Hammock 

Can you tie a knot? Then, you can make a stunning hammock for your bunny in less than 30 minutes! Just watch the video tutorial below and find a suitable cloth! 

#15 Lazy DIY Bunny Bed

All you need to execute this bunny project is old pillows, clothes, blankets, etc. You will not have to sew anything and can remake the bed as frequently as needed. Genius, right? 

#16 Cozy Cave for Small Animals

Since rabbits like to have a hiding spot in times of stress, why don't you make a cozy cave for your bunny to stay out of sight? 

This video tutorial is a bit more complicated than the others I've watched and tried. But it's detailed and perfect for bunny owners who like to sew! 

#17 DIY Rabbit Burrow

Do you have outdoor bunnies? Then, they'll enjoy a burrow to play, hide, and sleep in! It's not hard to make as long as you know how to use a shovel.

I also like this idea because it can save your garden from getting destroyed by your curious bunnies. And it can offer protection from predators! 

Check the video below for instructions. 

Now, let's discuss what bunny parents should consider when making a bed for your fluffy friend. 

What To Consider When Making a DIY Rabbit Bed? 

Before you start trying these fantastic DIY rabbit bed ideas, here are a couple of things you shouldn't forget:

  • Your rabbit size. The bed should be big enough for your fluffy friend, or it won't be appealing.
  • Your rabbit's age. Baby bunnies need something soft and cozy to keep them warm.¬†
  • Material. Always use only non-toxic fabric, wood, paper, and glue.
  • Be careful not to leave loose strings when sewing, or your rabbit might chew on them.¬†
  • If possible, pick machine-washable fabric to make the bed easy for hygiene maintenance.¬†

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1. Can I give my rabbit a bed?

You can give your rabbit a bed, but not all bunnies will sleep in it. Also, indoor rabbits don't really need bedding in their cage. 

2. What do indoor bunnies like to sleep on?

Indoor bunnies sleep on soft bedding, such as blankets, towels, hay, newspaper, cage liners, fleece, etc. 

3. What can I use for a rabbit bed?

You can use old towels, blankets, or clothes to make a rabbit bed. Cardboard and wood are also suitable materials. 


Making DIY beds for rabbits isn't a mission impossible. You can have a cozy, comfortable, and warm bed in less than an hour and without paying a fortune.

However, you should use only rabbit-friendly materials and check that your bunny isn't eating its bed because fabric ingestion can be dangerous for your pet.

What do you think about these 17 DIY rabbit beds? Have you ever tried to make bedding for your rabbit? Share your ideas in the comment section. 


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