Can Rabbits Have Blankets in Their Cage? Finally Revealed!

Can Rabbits Have Blankets in Their Cage? Finally Revealed!

So, can rabbits have blankets in their cage? Definitely yes!

Cage liners for rabbits are a crucial component of their comfort. As a loyal parent of 2 fluffy bunny friends, I've finally found how a snug blanket can transform a dull cage into a comfy, super cozy haven - Easy as Pie!

In this article, I'll show you all my insider tips - you'll discover how to choose the proper materials and set up a snug space - to keep your bunny happy and healthy (they won't get enough!).

So, don't miss out – Let's kick off with a blissful and healthy environment for your furry friends!

Key Takeaways

  • Soft fabrics like fleece blankets are a popular choice for your bunnies, providing both comfort and warmth.
  • Bedding materials matter – opt for safe, non-toxic options like paper bedding or grass mats to keep your indoor rabbit cozy and healthy.
  • Regular cleaning is essential. Swap out soiled bedding frequently and wash blankets in warm water to maintain a hygienic environment.

Can Rabbits Have Blankets in Their Cage? 

Absolutely, rabbits can have blankets in their cage, and they often adore the cozy comfort they provide.

As someone who's spent countless hours observing and caring for my fluffy companions, I've come to understand the nuances of rabbit's essential needs for a comfier habitat.

Rabbits, by nature, are drawn to cozy textures. It's so lovely seeing them snuggle into soft materials, creating their little havens.

In my experience, adding a blanket to their space isn't just about upping the cozy factor; it's a health-conscious decision. Why's that?

Well, those hard cage floors can be tough on their delicate paws, potentially leading to sore hocks. Thankfully, that soft blanket acts as a protective barrier and much relief for your furry friends.

But don't just stop there! Also, check out my article on "is straw good bedding for rabbits?" to learn more about suitable bedding options for your beloved pets.


Should You Wrap Your Rabbit In A Blanket? 

Rather not. Let me explain: while rabbits adore the comfort of blankets, wrapping them up is a big no-no. Have you ever had that perfect jacket on, but it was just too tight? 

That's how rabbits feel about being wrapped in blankets!

Knowing this, they treasure their freedom and autonomy, and being swaddled can make them feel trapped, leading to stress or even injury as they try to wriggle free.

And let's not forget the risk of overheating. Just like us on a scorching summer day, rabbits cope better with cooler conditions.

In fact, overheating (also called hyperthermia) can be a serious threat, so it's crucial to strike the right balance.

Now that you got your blanket, how do you place them in their cages? Skip ahead...

How to Place a Blanket in a Rabbit Cage?

It's easy peasy! Lay the blanket in their area and let your bunny do the rest.

Your bunnies are experts at adjusting and arranging their space to suit their comfort - akin to fluffing your pillows to get that perfect angle for a good night's sleep.

Clearly, this approach respects their need for personal space and comfort, ensuring they feel secure without feeling confined.

And now, the key is to provide the option of a blanket without enforcing its use. It's about offering a choice and letting your bunny decide.

Now, every time I watch my rabbits interact with their blankets, I'm reminded to respect their individual preferences and instincts.

Just an FYI: It's not just about providing comfort but understanding and catering to their unique needs and behaviors.

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Ok, but why opt for a blanket? Let's find out...

Why Bother Using Blankets For Rabbits?

Firstly, blankets create a dark, private haven perfect for your rabbit's restful sleep.

They also act as a shield, preventing other animals from startling your pet, thus enhancing safety and reducing stress.

For the win, blankets are excellent for blocking drafts, ensuring your rabbit's space remains dry and cozy.

Plus, they help calm your bunny. If she's not exposed to external activities, she's likely to be more relaxed.

But - as with anything in life - moderation is key! If you're always covering their hutches, they can get anxious.

So, use the blanket judiciously for optimal effect. And if you're feeling crafty, why not try your hand at a DIY rabbit bed using blankets? It's a fun project that can provide your bunny with even more comfort and security.

But what kind of rabbit blanket is best? Scroll on...

What Qualities To Look For In Rabbit Blankets?

Focus on these key qualities...

1. Safe Fabrics

Rabbits often avoid items claimed by others, so pick a blanket that's all theirs.

"Rabbits often avoid items claimed by others due to their territorial nature," explains researchers Nicola J. Rooney and colleagues [2].

So avoid anything they might chew and ingest, like loose threads or easily frayed fabrics. Better yet, inspect the blankets frequently for wear and tear.

To do this, run your hand over it. Is it still soft and comfy? If not, replace it!

Skip to this clip for the best cage-friendly materials (by LUFTPETS)!

2. Easy-Clean Ease

Let's face it: cleanliness is next to bunny happiness.

To make your life a little simpler, select a blanket that's a breeze to clean.

This isn't just about getting a blanket but a low-maintenance luxury, ensuring a fresh, hygienic habitat without the hassle.

3. Comfortable and Safe

Choose a blanket that's not just soft but also a favorite of your bunny. Here's the scoop!

A plush blanket acts as a cushion against those tough cage floors, safeguarding your rabbit's paws from sore hocks.

And guess what? It also creates a snug nook for your bunny to unwind and feel protected. Opt for a blend of comfort and safety – your bunny will thank you!

4. More Autonomy

A word of caution: If rabbits are wrapped in a blanket, they might choke. So, pick a blanket that makes them feel less tight and restrained.

And to do this, see how they act. Do they tend to tangle? Switch to another option.

This respects their autonomy and keeps them safe.

5. Chew-Proof Assurance

When introducing a blanket for the first time, it is best to keep a watchful eye on your rabbit.

Do they constantly nibble? Then, you'll want to remove it immediately and provide them with another option, like an organic cotton or fleece blanket.

By staying alert and attentive, especially during these initial interactions, you're paving the way for a safe and cozy environment that your bunny will surely cherish.

But first, check out this brief comparison for a visual, easy-to-follow review...

Qualities to Look For in Rabbit Blankets Explanation
1. Safe Fabrics Choose a blanket made from safe materials to avoid any potential harm to your rabbit, as they may chew and ingest loose threads or easily frayed fabrics. Regularly inspect the blanket for wear and tear to ensure its safety.
2. Easy-Clean Ease Select a blanket that is easy to clean to maintain a fresh and hygienic habitat for your rabbit without added hassle.
3. Comfortable and Safe Opt for a soft and plush blanket that provides comfort and acts as a cushion against cage floors, protecting your rabbit's paws from sore hocks. Ensure it creates a cozy and safe space for your bunny to relax.
4. More Autonomy Choose a blanket that doesn't wrap your rabbit too tightly, allowing them to move freely and ensuring their safety. Observe your rabbit's behavior to determine if they feel comfortable or restrained.
5. Chew-Proof Assurance Monitor your rabbit's interaction with the blanket, especially during the initial introduction. If they constantly nibble on it, replace it with a more chew-resistant option like organic cotton or fleece to maintain a safe and cozy environment.

Now, get ready for a safety check...

Is It Safe to Cover Your Rabbit's Cage with a Blanket?

Definitely, but there's more to it! Covering your rabbit’s hutch with a blanket can be a cozy and safe option.

Unlike other covers, a blanket ensures proper airflow, keeping the hutch breathable while offering a sense of security.

But let's think ahead!

To prevent any mishaps like the blanket slipping or becoming a chew toy, it's smart to weigh it down. Secure the edges on the ground around the hutch.

This way, even if your bunny pokes or nibbles at it through the bars, the blanket stays in place.

Remember, it’s all about making sure your fluffy friend feels snug and secure without compromising on safety or comfort.

Just like you enjoy that cozy feeling, your rabbit does too! So, go ahead, make that hutch a comfy haven.

Now, would your bunny like cold weather? Let's find out!

Do Rabbits Need Blankets in Cold Weather?

Rabbits adapt well to cold climates. As autumn approaches, they naturally grow a denser fur coat to keep up with the dropping temperatures.

But sometimes, rabbits often appreciate an extra layer of warmth. A blanket can provide not just a snug asset but also a sense of comfort and security.

But remember: DO NOT wrap your rabbit up in the blanket. Rabbits prefer freedom of movement and can feel stressed when they're tightly swaddled.

Instead, lay the blanket in their area, allowing them to use it as they wish for a cozy, stress-free environment.

Now, scroll on to learn about that awful digging habit!

Why Does My Rabbit Keep Digging at His Blanket?

Digging in blankets is a rabbit's way of satisfying their natural instinct. Why's that?

They enjoy the texture under their paws and can dig without harm. You know, it's also a game for them, wondering if they can burrow through like in dirt.

Rabbits prefer a scrunched-up blanket to a smooth one, creating a cozy nest.

But be careful: if your rabbit starts digging elsewhere, like carpets, you might need to redirect this behavior.

While quite natural and often expected, excessive digging can cause unwanted damage.

To curb this nasty habit, offer alternatives or engage her in different activities to balance her instincts with your home's harmony.

But why doesn't your bunny like its blanket? Here's why...

Why My Bunnies Dislike Their Blankets? 5 Reasons Why!

Absolutely! Like us, rabbits have their unique preferences and behaviors. Here's why your bunny might not be cozying up to their blanket.

1. Territorial Matters

Rabbits might avoid blankets that smell or feel like they belong to another rabbit.

In fact, if a blanket smells or feels like it belongs to another rabbit, your bunny will take note!

This is because they're pretty possessive about their belongings, and sharing isn't always in their nature.

2. Scent Sensitivity

Your bunnies rely heavily on scents to recognize their environment.

In fact, a freshly laundered blanket may throw them off. And more specifically, it's missing those familiar, comforting smells they love.

The result?

This can make the blanket seem strange and uninviting to them.

3. Texture Preferences

The feel of a blanket matters a lot to a rabbit. Here's an example - If the texture is unfamiliar or uneasy, your rabbit might sneer at it (who wouldn't?!).

They prefer materials that feel good under their paws and against their fur.

4. Health Concerns

Always check for any adverse reactions your rabbit might have to a blanket. Things like allergies, pests, or uncomfortable fabrics can turn them off.  

Of course, a rabbit's health and comfort are paramount, so ensuring the blanket is safe and cozy is crucial for its acceptance.

Next, let's hear it from the experts...

How Can I Enhance My Rabbit's Comfort With Blankets? Experts Weigh In

As a rabbit parent and an advocate for their well-being, I've always known why selecting the right bedding ensures the comfort and health of our furry friends.

But what do experts say?

Researchers P. Wolf and R. Spears found that rabbits are significantly less prone to infections like pododermatitis when kept on bedding materials with desirable physical properties, like cotton. [1].

So, when picking a blanket, it's well worth the time to invest in a cotton-based one!

Drs. Wolf and Spears explain, "The high water binding capacity and the soft structure of cotton significantly reduce the risk of pododermatitis in rabbits. [1]"

That's why overweight bunnies are particularly at risk - they tend to exert more pressure on their feet, which can be exacerbated by inadequate bedding.

In fact, the choice of bedding (such as a proper blanket) plays a pivotal role not just in foot health but also in overall well-being. 

"Poor bedding choices," they warn, "can lead to increased ammonia levels, which irritate the skin and respiratory system, leading to a host of other health issues. [1]"

So, picking the right blanket isn't just a skin-deep concern.

In fact, As a bunny parent, you're responsible for creating a living space that not only comforts but also preserves the health of our rabbits.

After all, it's about balancing physical comfort and preventive care, ensuring our rabbits lead a happy, healthy life.

Got questions? Let's address them swiftly...


1. What type of bedding is best for my pet rabbit?

Soft fabrics, such as fleece blankets, are ideal for comfort.

Also, grass mats and paper bedding are safe and popular choices. Avoid cedar shavings and other materials that might be harmful if ingested.

2. How often should I change my rabbit's bedding?

Change soiled bedding at least once a week and more frequently if necessary.

This prevents health issues and ensures your pet's environment remains fresh and comfortable.

3. Can rabbits have blankets in their cage?

Yes, rabbits can safely enjoy a blanket or other type of fabric in their cage. Choose materials that are comfortable and safe for your rabbit to cuddle up with. 


So, can rabbits have blankets in their cage? Sure they can!

In fact, a cozy bedding choice not only ensures your rabbit's comfort but also supports their health and well-being.

From fleece blankets to grass mats and paper bedding, pet stores offer lots of options! 

Besides offering a snug resting place, bedding materials should be safe, easy to clean, and suitable for your indoor or outdoor rabbits.

And don't forget that mixing accessories like a litter box can aid in maintaining a clean habitat.

By focusing on these elements, pet owners can create a haven that's both comfortable and stimulating for their beloved pet bunnies.

Now, I'm all ears for any stories and tips! So, drop a comment to share your bunny adventures and those juicy bits. 

Until next time...


1. Wolf P, Speers R, Cappai MG. Influence of different types of bedding material on the prevalence of pododermatitis in rabbits. Research in Veterinary Science. 2020;129:1–5.

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