About Us

Welcome to our Canadian-based pet care company, deeply dedicated to creating healthier and eco-friendly habitats for your cherished small pets.

Inspired by a deep love for these furry friends and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, our brand emerges at the intersection of innovative pet care and environmental mindfulness.

Our specialty lies in providing top-notch, washable cage liners for guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small pets.

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Our Story

Our journey began with a single, compelling vision: to revolutionize pet care for small animals.

Our founders, Annabelle Roberts and Theo Lawson, both passionate pet lovers and proud guinea pig parents, identified a significant need for improved cage bedding.

Driven by the desire to reduce recurring costs and environmental impact of disposable bedding, they co-founded our brand, putting in motion a revolutionary approach to pet care.

Our Products

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The core of our brand is our innovative offering: washable cage liners. These products are meticulously designed, considering both sustainability and pet comfort.

Our liners are cost-effective, a significant contributor to reducing waste, and are constructed from safe, non-toxic materials, guaranteeing the utmost care for your pet's skin and paws.

Our Values

We are more than a pet care business; we are a community dedicated to sustainability, compassion, and love for our pets.

Our Canadian heritage instills in us a resolute commitment to environmental stewardship, urging us to continuously strive to minimize our carbon footprint.

The well-being of pets is of the utmost importance to us. Every decision we make, every product we design, is a reflection of our steadfast commitment to enriching the lives of small pets and their owners.

Innovation and Quality

As we venture into the future, we remain devoted to ongoing innovation and the pursuit of superior quality in our products. This includes offering liners in various sizes to fit different cages and cater to an array of small pets.

We pledge to continue listening to our customers and the needs of their pets, finding new ways to improve and evolve while always upholding our standards of quality and sustainability.

Join Our Community

We invite you to be a part of our journey, a path marked by love for small pets, commitment to the environment, and the joy of creating comfortable, sustainable habitats for our cherished companions.

As part of our community, we promise to support you, offering expert advice, sharing pet care tips, and continually striving to better serve you and your furry friends.

Thank you for choosing us and for joining our mission to make the world a better place for our small pets and future generations.



Meet Olfa Turki, a visionary and accomplished chartered accountant with a passion for innovation and sustainability. As a proud Canadian woman, Olfa has always been driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the world around her. Her journey led her to HEC Montreal University, where she honed her skills and knowledge, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

It was during her time as a student that Olfa's entrepreneurial spirit took root. She recognized the need for sustainable solutions in everyday life and set out to create something truly unique. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences as a pet owner, Olfa identified an opportunity to revolutionize the way guinea pig cages are maintained. Fueled by her determination and expertise, she launched her innovative product: washable cage liners for guinea pigs.

These cage liners are designed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable bedding options. Made from high-quality materials, they are not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain. Olfa's washable cage liners reduce the workload of guinea pig owners while minimizing environmental impact, making them an ideal choice for conscientious pet lovers.

Beyond the practical benefits of her product, Olfa's venture is deeply rooted in her love for animals. As the proud parent of a guinea pig herself, she understands the importance of providing a safe, comfortable, and hygienic environment for pets. By developing washable cage liners, Olfa ensures that guinea pigs can enjoy clean living spaces without compromising on their well-being.

Olfa's commitment to sustainability extends beyond her product. Throughout the development process, she prioritized ethical sourcing, opting for materials that are both safe for animals and eco-friendly. Her dedication to reducing waste and her focus on creating a positive environmental impact exemplify her unwavering commitment to sustainability.

As a woman founder, Olfa is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, proving that with passion, determination, and an innovative mindset, anyone can make a difference. Through her product and her own example, she encourages others to think outside the box and find sustainable solutions to everyday challenges.

Join Olfa Turki on her mission to transform the way we care for our guinea pigs. Experience the convenience, sustainability, and peace of mind that her washable cage liners provide. Together, let's create a world where responsible pet ownership goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship.


CONTACT HER: olfa@luftpets.com

Meet the Team

Dr. Linda Simon MVB MRCVS


Dr. Linda Simon MVB MRCVS, a relief veterinarian, has been practicing in London for the last eight years. Graduating at the top of her class in small animal medicine from UCD, Dublin, she's an esteemed member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

She serves as the in-house veterinarian for Woman magazine, in addition to regularly contributing to People's Friend Magazine, the Dogzone website, Vet Help Direct, and Wag! Furthermore, Linda authors content for the CVS veterinary group, Vetwriter, and various other organizations.

Not only does she work in-clinic, but Linda also serves as an online veterinarian for JustAnswer.com, offering guidance to countless pet owners since 2018.

When not immersed in her work, Linda loves spending her free time baking, practicing yoga, and keeping up with her young son!

Our Guinea Pig

Lufty the guinea pig

LUFTY: With her velvety black coat and a personality that's every bit as warm, Lufty is our charming little adventurer who loves to explore her surroundings, making every day a delightful journey of discovery.