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Is Fleece Safe for Rabbits? 8 Reasons To Say Yes!

Wondering to yourself, "Is fleece safe for rabbits?" Absolutely! 

Ironically, as a devoted bunny parent, I, too, wrestled with this question and finally found how experts describe fleece as a "famed softness and velvety feel" bedding option [1]. (FYI: My bunnies love it!)

In this article, I'll reveal 8 reasons why fleece stands against other bedding choices, some caveats, and the best practices for using it safely for your cuddly companions.

So, keep reading to uncover the MAGIC of fleece!

Key Takeaways

  • Fleece Bedding is Comfortable and Safe: Fleece offers a soft, plush surface for rabbits, ensuring their comfort and reducing the risk of injuries from harder bedding materials.
  • Economical and Environmentally Friendly: Reusable and durable, fleece bedding is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bedding, reducing waste and ongoing costs.
  • Easy Maintenance and Allergy Reduction: Fleece is easy to clean and maintain, and it's less likely to cause allergic reactions in both rabbits and their human companions.

    Is Fleece Safe for Rabbits? 8 Reasons To Say Yes!

    Absolutely! Fleece is a top-tier bedding choice for rabbits, offering stellar comfort, impressive absorbency, and allergy-friendly properties.

    It's an economical, easy-to-clean option that's gentle on the environment and visually appealing. Simply put, fleece provides a cozy, healthy, and stylish habitat for your furry companions.

    Let's start with the basics!

    1. Super Comfy

    Fleece is undeniably softer than many other bedding options.

    In fact, Experts agree that "Fleece fabrics are bulky and soft weft knitted fabrics, characterized by their thick, deep pile, and soft nap. [1]"

    Now you can imagine why it provides a plush, comfortable surface for rabbits to lounge on (Think luxury without the hefty price tag!)

    2. Highly Absorbent

    Fleece wicks away moisture from the surface, keeping your bunny's feet dry and preventing conditions like sore hocks.

    It's like having a built-in moisture management system.

    3. Allergy-Friendly

    For rabbits and owners sensitive to dust, fleece is a breath of fresh air. (And yes, It's surprisingly low on dust and particulates, meaning fewer sneezes and more happy bunnies.)

    4. Economical in the Long Run

    Initially, the cost might be higher, but fleece is reusable. Just wash it, and it's ready to go again.

    The best part? Over time, you'll find it's kinder to your wallet.

    5. Easy to Clean

    Fleece is remarkably easy to clean. A quick shake outside to remove loose hay and droppings, and it's ready for the washing machine. Talk about hassle-free maintenance!

    6. Environmentally Friendly

    By choosing fleece, you're reducing waste. You've heard it - No more piles of used bedding heading to the landfill. It's a small but meaningful way to be eco-conscious.

    7. Regulates Temperatures

    Fleece has an uncanny ability to provide warmth in winter and stay cool in summer, ensuring year-round comfort for your rabbit.

    This clip reveals some fun facts about fleece!

    8. Aesthetically Pleasing

    Let's face it: fleece comes in various colors and patterns.

    It's true - it can brighten up your rabbit's living space and make it Instagram-worthy!

    PRO TIP: Check out the LUFTPETS fleece bedding. "Super comfy!"

    But will they chew on it? Let's find out...

    Will Rabbits Nibble On Fleece?

    Yes, they might. Rabbits have a constant need to gnaw due to their ever-growing teeth. Fleece, with its soft and yielding texture, often becomes a target for this natural behavior.

    Well, it's not just because they find it irresistibly soft and cozy.

    Ironically, while we often associate rabbits with soft, cuddly imagery, these adorable creatures have a natural tendency to chew, and fleece is no exception.

    In addition, fleece, being warm and comfortable, is a popular choice for rabbit bedding and blankets. It's like creating a snug haven for your bunny, especially during colder months.

    Rabbit covered with fleece blanket

    However, this comfort comes with a caveat. While fleece is safe in terms of being soft and seamless, its very allure can make it a chewing temptation for your rabbit.

    Needless to say, as a responsible pet owner, it's crucial to monitor your rabbit's interaction with fleece materials.

    Rabbits will sometimes chew on and swallow fleece, but it's usually because they're bored or teething.

    If your rabbit is showing signs of boredom, you can try to make their environment more interesting with toys or a cozy spot like a cave made out of cardboard or wood.

    When your rabbit starts to ingest (swallowing) fleece, it's a sign of their innate curiosity turning into a potentially harmful habit.

    "Oh boy," you might think, catching your rabbit in the act of eating fleece.

    Clearly, this behavior goes beyond simple nibbling.

    Now, of course, ingesting fleece can lead to serious health issues, including gastrointestinal blockages.

    Definitely, understanding and redirecting this behavior is key.

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    But how do we curb this habit? Let's find out...

    How Do I Stop My Rabbit From Chewing Fleece?

    Rabbits, with their natural inclination to chew, often find fleece an irresistible target. While natural, this behavior leads to the ingestion of harmful materials and potential health risks. 

    Here's how to curb this nasty habit!

    1. Diversify Their Chewable Options

    Guess what? The key is to redirect their chewing instinct. Provide a variety of chew toys – from grass mats to untreated wood blocks or even cardboard from old boxes.

    This variety not only keeps them entertained but also away from their fleece bedding.

    2. Train Consistently

    Younger rabbits are particularly receptive to training. Whenever you catch your bunny nibbling on the fleece, a firm "no" followed by redirecting them to a chew toy can work wonders.

    Consistency is crucial here. Over time, they'll associate fleece with a no-go and toys with a yes.

    3. Use Repellent Sprays

    There are specially formulated rabbit-repellent sprays available in pet stores. These sprays have strong scents that are off-putting to rabbits but are harmless to them.

    A light spray on the fleece can deter them from chewing.

    4. Consider Neutering or Spaying

    If you've got a garden, you'll probably have a spray. In fact, it's handy! Neutering or spaying can significantly reduce destructive chewing behavior in rabbits.

    It will also benefit your rabbit, making them more Zen-like (like meditation!). 

    5. Perform Regular Health Check-Ups

    Sometimes, excessive chewing can be a sign of underlying health issues.

    vet checking up the rabbit

    Regular check-ups with a vet can ensure your rabbit is in good health and not chewing out of discomfort or nutritional deficiencies.

    6. Enrich The Environments

    Boredom can lead to destructive chewing.

    Ensure your rabbit's environment is stimulating with tunnels, hiding spots, and toys. A mentally stimulated rabbit is less likely to chew on inappropriate items.

    7. Supervise

    When introducing new items like fleece into your rabbit's space, close supervision is key.

    More specifically, monitor their interaction with the fleece and intervene if they start to chew.

    By implementing these strategies, you can help ensure that your rabbit enjoys their fleece bedding safely, without the risks associated with chewing and ingesting fabric.

    If you're patient and consistent, you'll succeed in modifying your bunny's behavior.

    But is fleece always safe for rabbits? Scroll on!

    Is Fleece Always Safe for Rabbits?

    Not all fleece is created equal, and certain conditions can render it less than ideal for your furry friends. 

    Here are some signs to check...

    1. Overheating Risk

    Just like babies, rabbits can overheat with certain fabrics. Fleece, especially the thicker varieties, can trap too much heat.

    Now, some fleece materials aren't well-equipped to regulate temperatures -  so watch out [3]!

    Instead, opt for lighter fleece (like LUFTPETS) in warmer climates.

    2. Worn or Tattered Fleece

    If the fleece is fraying or has holes, it's time to replace it. Worn fleece can lead to the ingestion of fibers, potentially causing digestive issues.

    3. Excessive Pilling

    Pilling can be more than just an aesthetic issue. Rabbits may ingest these small balls of fabric, leading to intestinal blockage.

    4. Chemical Smell or Treatment

    Some fleece blankets are treated with chemicals for various reasons. If your fleece has a strong chemical odor, it might not be safe for your rabbit.

    5. Lack of Breathability

    Not all fleece is created equal. Some synthetic materials can impede airflow, unlike more breathable options like cotton towels.

    6. Too Thick or Bulky

    Thick fleece might be too heavy for indoor rabbits, making it difficult for them to move around comfortably.

    7. Inappropriate Size or Shape

    Fleece that doesn't fit well in the rabbit enclosure or litter box can lead to bunching up, increasing the risk of your rabbit getting tangled.

    8. Not Absorbent Enough

    Fleece that doesn’t wick moisture well can lead to a damp environment, fostering the growth of bacteria and fungi.

    Remember, the safety and comfort of your pet rabbit are paramount. Regularly inspect the fleece for these signs and replace it when necessary.

    As a responsible pet rabbit owner, staying informed and attentive to your rabbit's environment is key to ensuring their well-being.

    Got questions? Well, I've got you covered (scroll on!)...


    1. How often should I change fleece bedding?

    Ideally, spot-clean fleece daily and replace it with a fresh layer every week to maintain hygiene and comfort for your rabbit.

    2. Can fleece bedding cause digestive issues in rabbits?

    No, fleece is not ingestible like some other bedding materials, so it's less likely to cause digestive issues if your rabbit nibbles on it.

    3. Is fleece suitable for all rabbit breeds?

    Absolutely! Fleece is a versatile bedding option suitable for all rabbit breeds, offering comfort and safety across the board.

    4. Can fleece bedding help with odor control?

    Absolutely Yes! Fleece is effective in controlling odors, especially when paired with a good absorbent layer underneath.


    So, is fleece safe for rabbits? Now that you know the answer is a resounding Yes, here's the nutshell version...

    Fleece isn't just a safe bedding option for rabbits; it's a superior one. It ticks all the boxes for comfort, health, convenience, and sustainability.

    In fact, various experts praise moisture management as "a main performance criterion in today’s garment manufacturing and put fleece at the top of this list [2].

    So, if you're on a quest to find the perfect bedding for your bunny, fleece might just be your endgame.

    Go figure, who knew bedding could be this exciting?!

    So remember, when it comes to your bunny's bedding, fleece might just be the game-changer you've been searching for. Who knew rabbit care could be so thrilling?

    Until next time, happy bunny parenting!


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