Why Do Rabbits Dig at Blankets? The Verdict!

Why Do Rabbits Dig at Blankets? The Verdict!

Why rabbits dig at blankets is a top worry for most bunny parents... But NOT anymore!!

By learning the true reasons behind digging (anxiety, nasty habits, or feeling "out of sorts"), my long-term worries --  as a despondent animal parent and wizz -- exploded FOR REAL... [1]

Thankfully, in this article, I'll share tips, suggestions, and hints not only about all the reasons they dig at blankets but also solutions to curb that digging in its tracks!

So, hop on for a compact, bunny-friendly guide to stop that digging ASAP!

Key takeaways

  • Instincts and Environment: Rabbits dig, mostly because millennia of evolution have hardwired this into their cute little brains.
  • Alternative Digs: Throw a digging box their way, will you? Fill it up with some harmless substrates like paper or soft soil (heck, even sand if you’re not bothered by the mess). 
  • Play, Exercise, and Social Life: These fluffs need to socialize and stretch those legs. Boredom or a pinch of anxiety can send them on a digging spree. Get them some puzzles, maybe another furry buddy, and keep those little legs running and minds busy. 

Why Do Rabbits Dig at Blankets? 9 Thrilling Reasons Why - LUFTPETS

Bunnies dig at bedding primarily because of their explorative, nature-given instinct.  Not only does it offer a fun activity that helps mitigate stress and boredom, but it also allows them to fulfill their inherent need to manipulate their environment - or to tell you something is wrong!

Next, let's discuss why...

1. Natural Instincts

Rabbits are born diggers! In the wild, their ancestors dug complex networks of burrows to protect themselves from predators and harsh weather conditions.

Whether domestic or wild, bunnies do this mostly out of instinct. Here's why...

Similar to a child's tucking, digging provides them with psychological comfort and security - an instinctual, deeply ingrained behavior when battling a dose of bad karma.

2. Exercise and Stress Relief

Because digging involves doing something (sometimes, a bit too extravagant!), your bunny laboring (in the good way). And yes, it means weight loss...

And, of course, the benefits aren't only instant gratification.

Instead, blankets offer that extra cushion, helping them stay active and healthy. (Better yet, digging acts as a stress reliever!)

When rabbits feel confined or anxious, digging can help them manage their emotions and prevent behavioral issues.

So, when you see your bunny digging away, remember they're not just causing a mess; they're staying fit and happy!

3. Enrichment and Fun

For your fluffy friend, digging is not just a chore - it's a source of enjoyment!

So next time you wonder, "Why is my bunny scratching his blanket," you'll hopefully chill out, realizing there's no reason to sweat.

Typically, rabbits often dig to explore and satisfy their curiosity. Thanks to the comfy feel of blankets, this activity stimulates their minds, keeping them engaged and content.

Have you ever noticed how a simple digging box can turn into a playground for your bunny? That's fun galore - like child's play!

4. Communication and Attention-Seeking

As a final, more fundamental answer to "Why does my rabbit scratch blankets?" sometimes, they dig to get your attention.

It's their way of saying, "Hey, look at me!"

If they feel neglected or crave more social interaction, they might start digging more frequently as a signal for you to engage with them.

Keep your eye on these cues and provide ample social time to ensure their happiness.

5. Creating a Safe Haven

Just like a kid with a blanket fort, rabbits often dig at blankets to create a safe and secure space in an open environment.

This behavior is their way of building a little hideout where they feel protected and cozy. It’s not just about digging; it’s about crafting a personal oasis.

Next time you see your rabbit pushing blankets around, they might be architecting their perfect hideaway—a place where the world's worries can't reach them.

6. Preparation for Rest

Digging at blankets is also a prelude to resting or sleeping.

Rabbits typically enjoy the comfort of a lux, well-prepared bed. Plus, digging helps them soften and shape the area to their liking.

Think of it as their little bedtime ritual. Just as we fluff our pillows, they fluff their sleeping spots. It’s their way of saying, "Time to get everything just right for a good night’s sleep!"

It's also a good idea to learn what kind of bedding is best for rabbits to keep your bunnies comfortable while they rest.

7. Mating Behaviors

In the case of female rabbits, digging at blankets may also be connected to mating behaviors, such as nest building.

Don't be fooled... They dig even without any male spectators around.

And it's fascinating to see how deeply embedded these natural behaviors are, isn’t it?

She might gather, push, and dig through blankets to create the perfect nest, a sign of her natural maternal instincts coming into play.

8. Sensory Stimulation

For bunnies, the act of digging can be a sensory playground.

The varied textures and resistance they encounter when digging at blankets provide them with sensory feedback that is mentally stimulating and satisfying.

This engagement isn’t just physical—it’s a full sensory workout that keeps their minds sharp and alert. Watch them the next time they encounter a new blanket or fabric.

It's like watching a child - perhaps your little cousin - explore a new toy!

9. Asserting Dominance

When multiple rabbits share a space, digging can likely become a way of asserting dominance or establishing a pecking order.

By changing the blankets, a rabbit may tell others, "This is my spot!" It’s a fascinating display of social dynamics in the seemingly mundane act of digging.

But that's not all - here's what an expert says about digging...

Next, let's learn how to nip the digging habit in the bud...

Preventing Unwanted Digging in Your Home | 4 PRO Tips

It's no surprise that your adorable bunny likes to dig at your blankets; after all, it's part of their natural instinct and a way to keep themselves entertained.

But sometimes, this habit goes awry. Here’s how to keep your rabbit happy and your home intact.

1. Provide Alternative Digging Opportunities

Giving your rabbit appropriate places to dig can greatly reduce their desire to attack your blankets. How about setting up a designated digging box in their play area?

Fill it with safe, diggable materials like shredded paper, sand, or soil.

This not only satisfies their digging urge but also keeps them engaged and out of trouble. Isn't it better to have them dig in a box rather than under your favorite couch cushion?

2. Increase Physical and Mental Stimulation

Bored bunnies are more likely to misbehave.

To prevent this, enrich their environment with various toys and puzzle feeders that challenge their intellect and consume their energy in a positive way.

Activities that mimic natural behaviors can prevent many behavioral issues, including obsessive digging.

Have you ever watched a bunny solve a puzzle feeder? It's quite the sight!

3. Social Interaction

Rabbits are social creatures and thrive on interaction. If a rabbit feels lonely or neglected, they might dig more as a form of communication.

Spend quality time with your bunny, or consider getting them a companion to play with. Remember, a happy and socially satisfied rabbit is less likely to engage in destructive behaviors.

4. Monitor and Modify the Environment

Sometimes, simple changes in the environment can prevent destructive digging. Arrange your space so that blankets and other tempting materials are out of reach.

Use bitter apple spray on fabrics to deter your rabbits from chewing and digging them.

Also, keep their living area clean and clutter-free to reduce anxiety and stress, which can trigger digging. For this reason, it is highly suggested to know how often to change a rabbit's bedding.

By studying why rabbits dig and providing them (with suitable alternatives), you can curb the likelihood of them turning your precious blankets into their playground.

After all, a little prevention can lead to much peace in your bunny-friendly home.



1. How to prevent problem digging?

Encourage natural digging behaviors by providing designated digging areas, such as sandboxes or digging mats. This redirects their instinct to dig in a non-destructive way [2].

2. Why is my bunny scratching the blanket?

Rabbits dig due to their natural instincts originally used for creating burrows for shelter and safety in the wild - or because they're bored, anxious, or enjoying it.

3. What materials are safe for rabbits to dig in?

For rabbits, safe digging materials include shredded the famous LUFTPETS cage liners here, paper, hay, straw, and untreated wood shavings.


Why do rabbits dig at blankets? From boredom to the occasional anxiety, reasons to "why do bunnies scratch blankets" are vast.

By investing time in understanding and redirecting their digging habits, we ensure our furry friends are not only entertained but also feel secure and valued in their homes.

With the right strategies in place, we can nurture their natural instincts while keeping our blankets and furniture intact—achieving peace and happiness for everyone involved.

Remember, a happy bunny is a digging bunny—so let’s embrace their natural behaviors while guiding them gently toward more suitable digging spots!


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