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Rabbit Bedding vs Litter | Aren't They The Same Thing?

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As a bunny parent, I, too, thought bedding and litter were the same, but thankfully, some experts taught me the truth: while bedding offers comfort, litter manages waste and odors (But there's more to know!)...

In this article, you’ll unravel the mystery, gaining insights that are both practical and easily actionable.

So keep reading for a premium review on rabbit bedding vs litter ASAP!

Key Takeaways

  • Rabbit bedding gives a soft place for your bunny to rest, while litter helps keep their space clean and fresh.
  • Picking the right materials is important for your rabbit's happiness and health.
  • Both bedding and litter play key roles in making a good home for your rabbit.

Rabbit Bedding vs Litter | Are They The Same?

No, rabbit bedding and litter aren’t the same thing. Rabbit bedding provides a soft, comfortable surface for your bunny to rest and sleep on, while litter is used to absorb urine and control odors in their living environment.

After all, they both play crucial roles in your bunny’s habitat but serve distinct purposes that are essential to understand for the optimal health and happiness of your furry friend.

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper...

Rabbit bedding is all about comfort. Think of it as the cozy blanket and soft pillow that make your bed a haven of relaxation.

For bunnies, bedding materials like hay, straw, or even shredded paper offer a soft landing spot for those little paws and also a warm, cozy area to snuggle into for a good night’s sleep or a quick nap.

On the flip side, litter has a more utilitarian role. It’s the unsung hero who works behind the scenes to keep your bunny’s living quarters clean and odor-free.

Typically made from materials like wood shavings or recycled paper, litter is highly absorbent, soaking up urine and keeping those unpleasant odors at bay.

It’s akin to the plumbing system of a house - not always visible, but absolutely essential for a clean, healthy living environment.

Understanding this distinction is not just a matter of semantics; it’s crucial for the well-being of your pet. And if you're looking to reduce waste and save money, consider reusable rabbit bedding options, such as washable fleece liners, which provide both comfort and sustainability for your furry friend.

Now, let's dive deep into the world of rabbit care. First up, let's decode the essentials of rabbit litter.

Decoding Rabbit Litter Essentials

When diving into the world of rabbit care, you must understand the inner workings of rabbit litter.

Rabbit litter specifically tweaked for litter boxes, is often composed of materials like recycled paper, wood, or grass. Its primary role? To be super absorbent and combat odors effectively.

In fact, pelleted rabbit litter stands out as it minimizes mess.

Unlike loose bedding, this type is less prone to scattering beyond the litter box boundaries.

But remember, every bunny is unique. Some might take to a litter box instantly, while others might see their bedding as the perfect bathroom spot.

Now that you're familiar with the basics let's learn how to select the perfect litter tailored to your bunny's needs...

Selecting the Ideal Litter for Your Bunny

When it comes to your bunny's well-being, the choice of litter isn't just about cleanliness—it's about health and happiness.

"Rabbits make great pets," writes the Animal Welfare in Victoria. "In general, rabbits need appropriate housing, exercise, socialization, and a specific diet for good welfare." [1]

For new bunny parents, the world of litter can be a bit too much - yet you must know about it.

In fact, the right litter can significantly impact a rabbit's overall health. Factors like absorbency, dust content, and odor control play pivotal roles.

Beyond the benefits of bunny litter, the type of litter plays a huge role in their wellbeing.

Natural options like paper-based litter, for example, absorb moisture more readily and decrease the amounts of harmful bacteria.

If you've ever wondered, "why does my rabbit dig on my bed?", it's important to understand that rabbits have natural digging instincts. Providing appropriate outlets for this behavior, such as providing digging boxes filled with safe substrate, can help prevent unwanted digging in places like your bed.


rabbit in his litter box with pellets and paper litter

Plus, they're typically low on dust, a plus for bunnies with sensitive respiratory systems. While options like recycled paper pellets and shredded paper are popular, they might be a tad pricier.

But remember, the best litter aligns with your bunny's unique preferences.

Sometimes, it's a trial-and-error game, so start small and observe your bunny's reactions.

Before you move to the next section, why not learn more about rabbit litter - their types and uses?

Now, it's time to uncover the numerous benefits of rabbit bedding. Read on to see what makes it so special!

5 Benefits of Rabbit Bedding

When you're considering your bunny's comfort, litter is just the starting point.

Let's get into all the juicy benefits!

1. Achieving Ultimate Comfort

A study by Nidirect explains how bedding materials play a pivotal role in ensuring your rabbit's happiness and health and - most of all - comfort [2].

For a comfy, luxurious option, opt for soft, plush bedding. Not only does it offer a cushioned feel, but it also transports your bunny to an environment reminiscent of a sunlit meadow.

You'll notice that most rabbit beddings are eco-friendly, crafted from nature's treasures like hay, straw, wood shavings, and paper.

2. Mastering Indoor Climate Control

If you house your bunny indoors, enjoying the perks of a climate-controlled setting, getting the bedding balance right is crucial.

In fact, by overdoing it, you'll risk something big - confusing their restroom habits!

To prevent this gremlin, use a moderate amount of bedding to ensure clarity and comfort.

3. Unlocking Outdoor Benefits

Wondering how to maximize comfort for outdoor rabbits? Bedding is your answer. It's not just a luxury; it's a necessity.

It keeps their living space pristine, dry, and inviting - and you know what this means? A happy bunny!

4. Regulating Temperature the Right Way

Temperature fluctuations can be a concern. Here's a hack: use bedding.

Bedding, a natural insulator, will adjust to the seasons, ensuring your bunny stays warm during colder months and cool during the summer.

Unlike litter, bedding absorbs and retains moisture—making it ideal for regulating temperature. It also helps keep your bunny’s fur clean and dry.

When the bedding gets wet, you can easily remove it and replace it with fresh bedding.

5. Promoting Natural Behaviors

Do you want to cater to your rabbit's natural instincts?

The right bedding can do wonders. Bunnies have an innate love for digging and burrowing. So get the right bedding - and keep that boredom and stress at bay!

NEXT: Explore the various bedding choices to ensure your bunny's utmost comfort.

4 Nifty Bedding Choices for Your Bunny

Creating a snug haven for your bunny means exploring various bedding options. Let's delve into some top picks:

1. Paper Bedding

Soon, you'll notice that this bedding type is a favorite for many pet lovers mostly because of its high absorbency.

It gives a dry, clean environment for your bunny. Besides being dust-free, it's eco-friendly and often made from recycled materials (a huge PLUS for bunnies with respiratory concerns!).

For a neat strategy, use overlying newspapers in their cage or hutch. It's true - small things make a huge difference!

2. Wood Bedding

Wood shavings, derived from different wood types, are another popular choice. However, steer clear of pine or cedar shavings; they release a toxic phenolic gas.

Kiln-dried shavings are a safer bet. While aspen shavings might be a tad pricier, they're worth it, given their minimal aromatic oils.

3. Household Linen

Repurposing old blankets, sheets, or towels to line your bunny's space is both economical and eco-friendly. But be vigilant...

Bunnies tend to chew on everything - be it your furniture or their cage - so regularly inspect for any wear and tear or potential chewing hazards!

4. Horse Bedding

Beyond their normal use, some horse beddings double up as excellent choices for bunnies.

In fact, products like Aubiose, derived from hemp, are bunny-safe and budget-friendly when bought in bulk.

Horse bedding is a fantastic choice for rabbits because it provides the comfort and absorbency they need while keeping their environment clean and hygienic.

Horse bedding has a low dust content, which makes it ideal for rabbits with respiratory problems.

You know what I love about it? It's biodegradable and compostable, which suits my environmental, nature-loving personality.

Any questions? Flip to my FAQ section, where we address common queries and concerns about rabbit care.


1. What's the difference between bedding and litter?

Both serve unique purposes. While litter aids in cleanliness, bedding ensures comfort. Ideally, use both for a happy bunny.

2. Can newspapers replace regular bedding?

Newspapers are great as a base layer. However, for optimal comfort, other bedding types (like hay) are best for extra layering.

3. How frequently should the litter be replaced?

Frequency depends on a lot of favors. But, as a ballpark figure, aim for a weekly change. Besides, monitor them regularly and adjust based on cleanliness.

4. Are wood shavings safe for my rabbit?

Some, like aspen, are safe. Avoid pine or cedar, as they can be harmful. To stay safe, go for kiln-dried shavings.

5. Do bunnies prefer a specific type of bedding?

Bunnies have individual preferences. It's best to observe and adjust based on their comfort and behavior.


Dealing with "Rabbit Bedding vs Litter" might seem like a tricky topic, but it pays to know about it!

A rule of thumb: Bedding is for comfort, and litter is for cleanliness.

As someone who has learned a lot about taking care of rabbits, I can tell you that choosing the right materials makes a big difference.

It's all about keeping your bunny happy and healthy!

But before you go, don't forget to leave a comment and tell me about any tips, questions, or remarks you may have. As always, I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time...


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