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LUFTPETS Cage Liner Mat Straightening Tutorial (In 5 Steps)

Welcome to our LUFTPETS Cage Liner Mat Straightening Tutorial! Seeing curled corners on your mat? No need for panic. This common situation has an easy fix!

Besides, I'm here to share our famous 5-step guide to a practical, hands-on approach to flattening those corners (SPOILER: The solution lies in understanding the cause and applying some patient, gentle care).

Keep reading as we navigate the ultimate path to smoothing out those liners quickly!

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the cause, which is polyester's natural shrinkage, helps tackle the mat curling issue.
  • Straightening the curled corners is a simple process of gentle pulling.
  • This process extends the mat's life while providing your pet a comfortable flat surface.

LUFTPETS Cage Liner Mat Straightening Tutorial (5 Steps To a Straight Mat)

With a few quick, straightforward steps, you'll have your mat laying flat once more, creating the perfect lounging spot for your furry friend.

Here are the five steps that will have your mat looking its best:

  1. Clear any items off the mat and place them on a flat surface.
  2. Gently lift the curled corners of the mat.
  3. With both hands, delicately stretch the corners outward. Remember, it's not about strength but about gentle, consistent pressure.
  4. Repeat the stretching until the corners flatten and the mat lies smooth.
  5. Finally, put the mat back in the cage, ensuring a proper fit.

Watch this video tutorial! 

What You Need to Remember About The LuftPets Cage Liner

The LUFTPETS cage liner mat is a versatile product that blends aesthetics with functionality, delivering a plush, cozy environment for your beloved pet.

The thoughtful combination of materials - polyester and a non-polyester base- sets it apart.

But to truly appreciate this blend, we must delve deeper into the nature of these fabrics.


This synthetic fiber is the star player in your LUFTPETS mat. Renowned for its expert-recommended durability, polyester can withstand the hustle and bustle of pet activities gracefully [1][2].

It's resistant to most chemicals, stretching, and shrinking, making it a long-lasting choice for cage liner mats. However, there's a catch - while polyester resists most shrinkage, it isn't entirely immune to it.

After washing, you might notice a slight contraction in the fabric.

This is a natural trait of polyester and not a flaw. To accommodate this subtle change, LUFTPETS has smartly designed their mats a tad larger than standard sizes.

For tips on how to best care for your LUFTPETS mat, check out our guide on How to Wash a LuftPets Cage Liner.

Non-Polyester Base

This serves as the anchor of the mat, offering stability and structure. But unlike polyester, this base material does not shrink after washing.

This differential shrinkage between the top layer and the base causes the corners to curl upwards after washing.

Although the curling corners may seem like an issue, it's a natural outcome of the combined material characteristics.

Considering the frequent question "how much do guinea pigs pee," ensuring a mat that can handle potential dampness and remain easy to maintain becomes essential.

More importantly, it's a problem with an easy solution, as outlined in the five-step guide above.

But a word of caution here - despite its durability, the LUFTPETS cage liner mat requires tender care, especially during straightening.

Polyester can withstand quite a bit, but it isn't invincible.

Applying too much force can stress the fibers, leading to wear and tear over time. Accordingly, it's crucial to remember: patience is key.

Approach the process gently, with consistent pressure rather than brute force.

In doing so, you will not only maintain a neat, comfortable environment for your pet but also prolong the mat's lifespan.

The next time you see those corners curling, you'll have the knowledge and the tools to remedy it!

Scroll down for some common questions (and PRO tips)...


1. Why do the corners of my LUFTPETS cage liner mat curl up?

The mat's main component, polyester, can shrink after washing, which may cause the corners to curl.

2. How can I prevent my LUFTPETS mat from curling in the future?

While you can't stop the polyester from shrinking, following the straightening tutorial can manage the curling.

3. Can curling damage my LUFTPETS mat?

Not typically, but constant curling and straightening can cause wear over time.


In our LUFTPETS cage liner mat straightening tutorial, you've learned 5 premium steps to keep your liner straight for good!

With this straightforward tutorial, you can easily combat any curling caused by polyester shrinkage.

This not only ensures a comfortable environment for your pet but also extends the life of your mat.

Now, it's time to make your LUFTPETS mat look brand new again!


1. Palacios-Mateo C, van der Meer Y, Seide G. Analysis of the polyester clothing value chain to identify key intervention points for sustainability. Environmental Sciences Europe [Internet]. 2021;33. Available from:

2. Brown AE, Reinhart KA. Polyester Fiber: From Its Invention to Its Present Position. Science. 1971;173:287–93.



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