How Often Should You Clean A Rabbit Litter Box? Plus Tips & Secrets!

How Often Should You Clean A Rabbit Litter Box? Plus Tips & Secrets!

If you've litter-train your bunny, you probably want to know, "How often should I clean my rabbit's litter box?"

Depending on a few key factors, you must provide fresh litter several times per week to keep the litter box clean and prevent bad odors. 

So, I'm here to talk in detail about everything you need to maintain your bunny's cage.



Key Takeaways

  • Litter training is useful for maintaining a clean cage and preventing common health problems. 
  • Daily spot-cleaning and deep cleanings are necessary to keep the litter box spotless and smell-free. 
  • Depending on the type of litter and number of bunnies, you may have to clean the litter box a few times per week. 

Should You Litter Train Your Rabbit?

Before I reveal my secrets for a clean litter box, let's see whether it's worth teaching your bunny to go potty in a box. 

Rabbits poop a lot and can make a mess of their enclosure in a matter of hours. But litter training keeps the rabbit cage clean and saves you from scooping soiled bedding off the floor.

Moreover, using a litter box allows you to notice changes in your bunny's urination and defecation habits, which can signal an underlying medical condition.

According to studies, dirty bedding also increases the risk of bacterial infection, respiratory issues, and sore hocks! And rabbit poop can attract nasty parasites that can cause the deadly fly strike! (1)

If your bunny is free to roam outside the cage, litter training will save you the trouble of spending hours looking for droppings and puddles around the room. 

So, it's worth litter-training your bunny. And the good news is that it's not hard because rabbits usually pee in one corner of the enclosure. Just watch this video.  

But how often should you clean a rabbit's litter box? You'd be surprised by the answer!

How Often Should You Clean A Rabbit's Litter Box?

I recommend spot-cleaning the litter box daily to remove soiled litter and droppings. It takes only a few minutes but ensures your bunny has clean litter to do business. 

Here's what to do: 

  • Put a trash can close to the rabbit hutch so you don't scatter litter all over the house.
  • Use a litter scoop to remove the soiled parts and check around the box and the corners for stray droppings.
  • Lift the tray and check for urine puddles underneath. If you find any suspicious spots, clean them with paper towels. 
  • Put a bit of fresh litter. 

    Unfortunately, daily spot cleaning may not be enough. Rabbit urine has a strong odor and is corrosive, so it's necessary to deep clean the litter tray to remove the build-up smells and calcium deposits. 

    But how often should you wash the rabbit box? Let's find out!

    How Often Should You Deep Clean a Rabbit's Litter Box? 

    You should deep clean the entire litter box every week by washing it with hot water and disinfecting it with white vinegar or another pet-safe solution. 

    But depending on a few factors, you may have to deep clean every two weeks or several times per week. 

    #1 Type of Litter

    Naturally, the type of litter determines how often you should clean your rabbit's dirty litter box because they are not equal in absorbency and odor control. 

    The most common litter options are: 

    • Recycled paper litter. It's safe, absorbent, and soft on the paws. 
    • Compressed wood pellets, such as aspen shavings. They're excellent for odor control, but they can be dusty. 
    • Cellulose fiber litter. It's more absorbent than wood pellets and can last up to 10 days. 

    Don't use clumping litter, pine/cedar wood shavings, wheat, or scented litter. They're dangerous for your bunny and can cause intestinal obstruction, toxicity, and respiratory issues. 

    I like recycled paper the most because it's absorbent and can last up to a week before you have to replace it. However, paper is messy to clean because it sticks to the bottom of the tray.

    My solution: I put LuftPets' cage liner at the bottom of the litter box and add a layer of litter on top of it. The liner is waterproofed and absorbent, so urine doesn't leak to the bottom. 

    When I deep clean, I scoop the soiled paper and wash the liner without worrying about scraping dry paper off the tray. 

    Cage liners are also my recommendation if you're wondering what to put in a rabbit cage's bottom. They don't allow urine to leak, saving you time when deep cleaning.

    #2 Number of Bunnies

    Bunnies are social animals and get lonely when living alone. So, when you have one bunny, it's hard to resist getting another one to keep it company.

    A cage with a number of bunnies

    But the more bunnies you have, the more often you have to clean the litter box. A single rabbit poops around 200-300 pellet droppings per day, so imagine if you have three or four! 

    If you have more than three rabbits, I recommend deep cleaning the litter box at least weekly. But a bi-weekly cleaning might be enough if you have just one.

    #3 Size and Breed

    Dwarf bunnies weigh a couple of pounds, but larger breeds, such as the Flemish, weigh more than 40 pounds. Consider that when wondering how often to clean the litter box.

    The larger the bunny, the quicker the tray gets dirty and smelly. So, if you have larger rabbits, you should consider deep cleaning every four to five days.

    #4 Sickness

    When your rabbit has an upset stomach, you must clean the litter box as often as possible to prevent the disease from spreading. 

    #5 Smells

    I often use the nose rule when cleaning my bunny's litter boxes. If the box is too smelly, it's time to wash it. Here's what I do:

    • I take the dirty litter tray out of the enclosure and empty it into a trash bag. 
    • If something is stuck to the bottom, I jet spray to remove it. It is quicker than trying to scrape the mess with the scoop. 
    • Then, I soak the box in vinegar and water for 15 minutes. The solution kills bacteria, dissolves calcium deposits, and is rabbit-safe. Don't use bleach unless advised by a vet! 
    • Finally, I dry the box with paper towels. If you have the time, let it dry in the sun.
    • Since your bunny won't wait for you to return its litter tray, I always have a spare one to ensure my pet has a fresh litter box to use.

    Now, I have a few extra tips to help you maintain a clean litter box for your precious fluffy friends.

    5 Tips for a Clean Rabbit Litter Box

    Cleaning your bunny's litter box doesn't take much time, but common pet owner mistakes can make it more challenging than expected.

    #1 Spay/Neuter

    Intact rabbits will often spray and poop around their enclosure to mark their territory. And that makes it hard to keep a clean litter box. 

    Moreover, as experts from the Rabbit Welfare Organization say, "Neutered rabbits are easier to litter train." Fix your pet early to prevent unwanted behavior, such as spraying, and encourage proper litter habits. (2)

    #2 Pick the Right Cage Size

    Many pet owners think a small cage is easier to clean than a large one. But when bunnies don't have enough space, they make a mess of the whole enclosure, not just the litter box.

    A rabbit inside a cage

    The Animal Humane Society recommends at least 12 square feet for a single rabbit. But bigger is also better because bunnies like to hop! (3)

    I recommend a pet playpen as the best enclosure for an indoor rabbit. It's spacious, flexible, and versatile, allowing you to tailor it to your available space. 

    #3 Establish a Routine 

    Do you know how often you should clean your rabbit's cage? At least once a week. So, it's a good idea to combine deep cleaning the enclosure with deep cleaning the litter box. 

    #4 Provide Several Litter Boxes 

    I recommend having at least one litter box per bunny. Otherwise, a single litter tray will quickly get dirty and need a thorough cleaning.

    Moreover, if your bunny hutch has several floors, I'd recommend placing a box on each level so your bunny has easy access. 

    #5 Pick the Right Litter Box 

    Pick rectangular litter boxes that are large enough for your bunny to stretch. The sides should also be low enough to allow easy access. Otherwise, your bunny won't use the box.


    1. Do you need two litter boxes for two rabbits?

    You need two litter boxes for two rabbits because bunnies like to hang in the litter box and munch on hay. Or the box should be big enough to fit the two bunnies.

    2. How do you clean rabbit urine out of a litter box?

    You can mix water with vinegar to remove urine stains. Pet shops also offer enzyme cleaners that dissolve urine and its pungent smell. 

    3. Should I put hay in my rabbit's litter box?

    You should put hay next to the litter box to encourage your bunny to use it. 


    How often should you clean a rabbit's litter box? Scooping the box daily makes it easy to prevent bad odors, keep a clean cage, and notice changes in your bunny's elimination habits. 

    Keep in mind that it's normal for litter-trained bunnies to have accidents, so you must check the enclosure daily for suspicious puddles.

    What do you think about cleaning your rabbit's cage? How often do you clean your rabbit's enclosure? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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