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Top 26 Gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers - Unique & Thoughtful Ideas

Are you wondering what the best gifts for guinea pig lovers are?

Finding a unique and meaningful gift for your loved ones can be hard, so I've got your back with 26 gift ideas! 

Just keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find a wide variety of guinea pig gifts that cavy owners will be happy to receive.
  • Guinea pig-themed clothes, accessories, jewelry, and home decor are among the most suitable gifts for cavy owners.¬†
  • Always consider your loved one's interests and preferences when picking the perfect gift for them.¬†

26 Gift Ideas for Guinea Pig Lovers 

Several months ago, I was searching for the perfect guinea pig gift for a friend who was a big fan of these adorable animals. And I was overwhelmed by the cuteness of all the cavy-related items I found. 

So, what's the best gift for guinea pig owners? It depends on the person you're shopping for, their preferences, and your budget. 

But to cover all grounds, I've included practical, decorative, funny, and personalized gifts that will make any guinea pig fan happy! 

#1 Cute Guinea Pig Keychain Charm

Felt Guinea Pig Pig Piggy Key-ring Key-chain Bag-charm image 1

I love guinea pig charms because they're adorable, catchy, and versatile. You can hang them on keychains, bags, mobile phones, backpacks, etc, so they are the perfect way to show your love for guinea pigs.  

My favorite is this felt guinea pig charm because it's handmade and hand-stitched, so you don't have to worry about toxic materials. It's also available in different colors and looks stunning in person. 

#2 Personalized Guinea Pig Keychain

Guinea pig keychains are an excellent way to carry your favorite pet with you wherever you go so guinea pig owners will love such a gift!

I highly recommend CatchingMoonbeamsArt's keychains because you can personalize them to match your friend's guinea pig appearance! 

#3 Adorable Guinea Pig Necklace

If you're looking for the best gift for female cavy owners, you can hardly go wrong with an adorable guinea pig pendant. Here are my top favorites in this category:

#4 Cute Guinea Pig Shirt 

Guinea pig T-shirts are another lovely gift for people who want to show their love for piggies to the world. Here are my top recommendations:

Days of the Wheek Guinea Pig Shirt Guinea pig t-Shirt Cute image 1

Just make sure you know your friend's sizes before you order! 

#5 Personalized Guinea Pig Socks

These personalized socks can be a perfect gift for guinea pig lovers. All you need is a photo of your friend's guinea pig to surprise them with this thoughtful gift! 

I also like that the socks are made from premium material for maximum comfort. And one size fits all, so no worries about picking the correct size. 

#6 Handmade Guinea Pig Earrings

Guinea Pig stud earrings handmade pet jewelry image 1

Look at this pair of guinea pig earrings! Are they the perfect accessory for guinea pig lovers? I love that you can personalize them, but be careful because they're fragile! 

#7 Gigi The Guinea Pig Plush Toy

Plush toys can be a great gift for children and adults alike. So why don't you give your friend this adorable plush cavy to add to their adorable collection of guinea pig items? 

#8 Guinea Pig Toys

To surprise a guinea pig owner with an inexpensive gift, you can buy toys for their cavies, such as these natural chew balls.

As experts from the Academy Pet Hospital say, "Many hay, grass, or wicker balls are quite popular with these little furballs."(1)

#9 Guinea Pig Stickers

Who doesn't love cartoon guinea pigs? These stickers are perfect for guinea pig fans because they're waterproof, and you can stick them to laptops, phones, water bottles, etc. 

#10 Luftpets Premium Cage Liners


Do you know how hard it is to keep the guinea pig cage? That's why piggy owners will love Luftpets' premium ultra-thick cage liners. They're waterproof, absorb liquid quickly, and are reusable. 

#11 Home Decor Accessory Gift Sign for Guinea Pig Lovers

This home decor sign is an excellent choice for guinea pig enthusiasts. You can hang it on doors, walls, hooks, and chairs or make it a table centerpiece. 

#12 Cute Guinea Pig Blanket

Look at all those adorable piggies! Animal lovers will be fascinated by this adorable blanket and want to snuggle in it! 

#13 Burrowing Pet Guinea Pig Bed 

Make your friend's guinea pigs happy with this cozy cavy bed. It's perfect for burrowing and digging, so it's bound to appeal to cavies.

#14 Custom Guinea Pig Print Portrait 

CUSTOM GUINEA PIG Portrait Custom Pet Portrait Guinea Pig image 1

Guinea pig owners will be thrilled to have a portrait of their beloved guinea pig to remember the good times when their pet is gone. And it doesn't cost a fortune to commission it!  

#15 Guinea Pig Classic Stories Box Set 

Does your friend like books and guinea pigs? Then they'll love this collection of retold classic stories starring cavies. The set includes Romeo & Juliet, Oliver Twist, and Pride & Prejudice. 

#16 Cute Guinea Pig Notebook

I love notebooks with adorable guinea pigs on the cover! A notebook is also a practical gift because you can use it to track your cavy's routine and record all the funny things they do. 

#17 Coffee Mugs

This cute, cavy-themed mug is perfect for proclaiming one's love for guinea pigs and coffee with its humorous design and vibrant colors.

It's made of high-quality ceramics and has an easy-to-grip handle, so it's an excellent practical gift for your guinea pig lover friend. 

#18 Charm Bracelet

Bracelets are a big weakness of mine, especially when they're animal-themed. So, here are a couple of suggestions to impress a loved one who loves jewelry and cavies:

Guinea pig bracelet Guinea pig charm Guinea pig gifts for image 1

#19 Guinea Pig Cushion

Help your friend transport its living room into a guinea pig paradise with this adorable cushion.

Cavies will also love a soft cushion in their hideout. I recommend this fleece sleeping pad because it's fluffy, comfortable, and easy to maintain. 

#20 Fleece Tunnel

When guinea pigs are happy, their owners are also happy. So, why don't you surprise your loved one and their pet with a cute fleece tunnel? 

Cavies love tunnels because they provide warmth, security, and safety. And this model is available in several patterns and colors to match anyone's taste. 

Guinea Pig And Small Animal Fleece Tunnel. image 1

#21 DIY Gift

If you're on a tight budget, you can make a gift for your guinea pig friend by yourself. It's not hard to sew a simple guinea pig bed. Just check the video below.

Or you can prepare some homemade treats for your friend's cavies. Use the recipe in the video below. It won't take more than a couple of minutes. 

#22 Coloring Books

Do you know that you can find guinea pig coloring books? According to studies, coloring has many health benefits for adults and children, so it's a perfect gift for your creative friend. (2)

#23 Cavy Christmas Costume

Make the holidays unforgettable by getting your friend a cute Santa hat for their cavy. It's a funny gift that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Christmas Small Animal Hat Guinea pig Santa Hat Santa Claus image 3

#24 Ornaments 

Gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful. Choose a beautiful guinea pig ornament for your loved one's Christmas tree to express your feelings.

I love these felt ornaments, and I'm sure no one will be too disappointed to find them under the tree! 

#25 Guinea Pig Diamond Painting

Diamond paintings are perfect for creative guinea pig owners. You can make something beautiful and shiny to show your love for these adorable furry creatures! 

#26 Gift Cards 

Finally, if you don't know what to get your friend, you can always play it safe and get a gift card for Amazon, Chewy, Etsy, or Kavee.  


1. What makes guinea pigs happy?

Toys, treats, hiding areas, and human attention are the things that make cavies happy. They'll also appreciate a clean cage and a companion to play with. 

2. What to get someone who loves guinea pigs?

Cavy-themed clothes, jewelry, decorations, and guinea pig items are perfect for someone who loves cavies. 

3. Why do people love guinea pigs so much?

People like guinea pigs because they're soft, fluffy, friendly, and funny. 


You can find plenty of guinea pig-themed accessories that will bring joy to guinea pig lovers, fans, and owners and make their day memorable. 

But to find the best gift, consider your loved one's tastes and preferences. Would they like something practical, decorative, or whimsical? Or would they prefer something for their cavy?

Once you answer these two questions, picking the best gift for guinea pig lovers from my list will be easy. 

What do you think of these 26 gifts for guinea pig lovers? What would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 


1. Quigg M. Guinea Pig Toys | Academy Pet Hospital [Internet]. www.fayettevilleveterinary.com. 2022 [cited 2023 Nov 22]. Available from: https://www.fayettevilleveterinary.com/2022/03/01/fayetteville-nc-vet-guinea-pig-toys/

2. Koo M, Chen H-P, Yeh Y-C. Coloring Activities for Anxiety Reduction and Mood Improvement in Taiwanese Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Study. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2020;2020:1‚Äď6.



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