Luftpets’ Premium Guinea Pig Cage Liners Now Available!

LuftPets’ Premium Guinea Pig Cage Liners (47" x 24")

I’ve got some thrilling news for you!

I am excited to announce the arrival of the newest addition to my LuftPets family - my state-of-the-art Guinea Pig Cage Liner.

This liner – engineered with precision – is a game-changer for your little buddy's comfort, cleanliness, and overall well-being.

Ready to learn about this cage liner for guinea pigs and other small pets? 


LuftPets Reusable Cage Liners: Specifications 

luftpets guinea pig cage liner

Cover: 100% polyester fabric

Fill: 250 PP COTTON

Waterproof layer: 100% TPU

Back: 100% polyester

Ultrasonic Quilt

Size: 24” x 47”

Packaging: 1 pack, 2 pack set, 3 pack set


  • 24 x 47 Inch: making it a perfect fit for Midwest Cages and other large animal cages
  • Ensures no leaks occur, keeping the cage dry and clean.
  • Easy to brush off debris
  • Machine washable up to 200 times


machine washable guinea pig cage liner

  • Cheaper than disposable pads
  • Non-Slip

Let's Peek at the LuftPets Washable Guinea Pig Cage Liner Highlights!


This top-notch liner underwent rigorous testing, including over 200 machine wash cycles, to guarantee unmatched durability and long-lasting performance – better yet, it reduces waste from frequent replacements.

Crafted with superior polyester, this liner delivers a perfect blend of strength and softness.

However, to protect the liner's waterproof film, I recommend a dryer temperature under 50°C.

A bit of shrinkage is standard - that's just polyester doing its thing! But don't worry, we factored this and made my liners larger to account for shrinkage.


Now check out the detailed FEATURES OF LuftPets guinea pig cage liners.

1. Premium Quality Cage Liners For Guinea Pigs

guinea pig using the luftpets premium guinea pig cage liner

Crafted from soft and durable 100% polyester, my guinea pig cage liner provides a luxurious bedding experience, making your pets feel safe and comfortable in their habitat.


2. Extra Absorbent Material & Waterproof Bedding for Guinea Pigs

ultra-absorbent and leak-proof LuftPets cage liner

Regardless of the types of guinea pigs you own, this liner, with its impressive absorbent property and washing cycle durability, is designed to meet your needs.

These waterproof cage liners for guinea pigs, also known as guinea pig waterproof cage liners or simply waterproof liners, have an extra absorbent layer that keeps your guinea pig's feet dry and the cage clean and odor-free.

3. Fit For a MidWest Guinea Habitat

luftpets guinea pig cage liner inside a Midwest habitat

The 24” x 47” makes it ideal for a MidWest Guinea Pig Habit. It is way better than any disposable option.

4. Non-Slip and Secure Cage Liner

With a non-slip bottom, the liner stays securely in place, offering stability as your pets play, reducing the need for constant readjustments.

LuftPets cage liner with high-quality fabrics

5. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Being machine washable, maintaining these padded liners is a breeze.

  1. Just remove the debris and dispose of it in the garbage.
  2. Use a gentle laundry detergent. It must be scent-free and do not use a fabric softener. As you know, guinea pigs have sensitive respiratory systems that can be irritated easily.
  3. You can add some distilled white vinegar to the machine dispenser.
  4. Toss this guinea pig bedding in the washing machine at less than 30°C. I prefer using the bedding setting washing cycle and setting the temperature to cold. It 
  5. You can hang it to dry or use the dryer. The temperature should be lower than 50°C. I prefer using a low heat setting on the dryer than hanging on a chair.

6. Reusable, Eco-Friendly and Budget-friendly

Being a washable guinea pig cage liner, it not only reduces your reliance on disposable liners but also contributes to a cleaner environment.

This washable cage liner can withstand 200 washes, offering a long-lasting solution to disposable pet pee pads and reducing your ecological footprint.

As a guinea pig parent, you must have noticed that the price of disposable bedding has skyrocketed.

The LuftPets washable liners, a favorite among guinea pig owners, will save you money down the road when you don't have to buy disposable bedding or disposable cage liners for your guinea pigs. 

7. Multi-Pet Friendly 

My cage liner isn't only for guinea pigs. It's also ideal for:

cute ginger cat sitting on a sofa with luftpets guinea pig cage liner

  1. rabbits,
  2. hamsters,
  3. rats,
  4. cats
  5. and even dogs

8. Versatile and Multi-Purpose

It can be used as: 

  1. A sofa cover
  2. A comfortable mat for pets
  3. A liner for pet carrier
  4. A car seat cover 
  5. Puppy pads

Take a peek at this video to see all the cool features!

9. Odor Control

One of the most overlooked but critical aspects of keeping small pets like guinea pigs is the control of odors. After all, who likes a stinky cage? 

Luckily, my LuftPets guinea pig cage liners have an integrated odor-control feature (yes, this means Bye-Bye to bad odor!). But how does it work? 

The liner's materials absorb and neutralize odors, ensuring your home remains fresh-smelling even with a pet habitat within.

Better yet, this feature is also handy for those with multiple small pets.

10. Thermal Insulation

While comfort and cleanliness are essential, so is the right temperature for your pet.

Luckily, my guinea pig cage liners offer excellent thermal insulation, ensuring a warm and cozy environment for your pet.

Amazingly, this thermal feature is especially beneficial during cooler seasons or for those in colder regions. My liner will make your pet comfortable no matter the weather outside.


1. Why do guinea pigs pee on you?

Guinea pigs might pee on you due to anxiety, territorial marking, or a full bladder. It's not uncommon and is generally not a cause for concern. 

2. How do guinea pigs pee?

Guinea pigs pee like any other mammal. They simply squat and pee. It's crucial to keep their habitat clean, where our washable guinea pig cage liner comes into play. 

In Conclusion

Whether you're a guinea pig parent (or own other small animals like rabbits, hamsters, or rats), my cage liner is the perfect choice for a cleaner and cozier habitat.

Not only is the LuftPets cage liner a quality product for any pet parent, but it is a type of bedding you won't get elsewhere. 

In fact, this guinea pig bedding symbolizes my commitment to sustainable pet care, ensuring your pets get the comfort they deserve without compromising environmental values.

So, join me in celebrating the launch of this innovative solution in small pet care, and take a step towards more sustainable pet care today!

So why wait? Get these amazing Luftpets Guinea pig cage liners TODAY. Your guinea pig will thank you!


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We have numerous guinea pigs, and a good cage liner is so important! It is good to have one that is so useful.


Guinea pig cage liners matter. Crazy cool that it went through 200 washings!


These liners look like they’re very affordable and efficient. My DiL has a guineapig and I bet she’d love for me to share this post with her!

Beautiful Touches

I wish that I had purchase something like this when I had my guine pigs. Thanks for sharing this with us.


I like that these cage liners are machine washable! Thanks for all these tips!


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