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Do Guinea Pigs Like Blankets? 5 Reasons Why They Do

So, do guinea pigs like blankets? Yes, but there's more to know!

As a guinea pig parent with over a decade of experience in pet keeping, I can assure you that they love their blankets, but there's more to know about it...

In this article, I'll reveal the 5 reasons why they like blankets, but also what to look out for to ensure you give them the appropriate ones.

Keep reading to learn about your guinea's love for blankets & how to satisfy this need!

Key Takeaways

  • Blankets not only offer warmth but also cater to the natural instincts of guinea pigs. 
  • They can help prevent foot issues and are kinder on their paws than cages' hard bases.
  • Guinea pig cage liners - like the LUFTPETS cage liners, particularly, are cost-effective and beneficial for guinea pigs. 

Do Guinea Pigs Like Blankets? 5 Reasons Why They Adore Them

Yes, guinea pigs typically appreciate soft blankets in their cages. These blankets provide warmth, comfort, and an environment similar to their natural burrowing tendencies. 

Here are 5 reasons why they adore it so much!

#1. Warmth during cold spells.

Just as people reach for an extra layer during chilly nights, guinea pigs cherish blankets for the warmth they provide, ensuring they remain snug and toasty even as temperatures drop.

For those new to caring for these pets, understanding "what supplies do guinea pigs need" is crucial for creating a comfortable and healthy living space. Blankets are just one of the essential items on the list, alongside proper bedding, a spacious cage, a water bottle, a hideaway, and the right nutrition for your furry friend.

#2. Comfort and softness against their skin.

The tender skin of a guinea pig revels in the gentle caress of a soft blanket.

It's like their own little luxury, offering unmatched comfort every time they settle in.

#3. An outlet for their burrowing instincts.

In the wild, guinea pigs naturally burrow into the ground for protection and comfort.

Blankets in their cages allow them to exhibit this instinctive behavior, providing a familiar and enjoyable activity.

#4. A sense of security and safety.

Beyond just comfort, blankets act as a protective shield, providing guinea pigs with a heightened feeling of safety.

Underneath their blanket, they can relax, knowing they're safeguarded from potential threats.

#5 Help against physical ailments.

Another essential aspect highlighted by a study from the Manual of Exotic Pet Practice is that Guinea pigs thrive in well-ventilated cages with solid bottoms [1].

Blankets can act as cushioning, reducing the risk of physical injuries to their delicate feet. You know what else?

It not only provides a soft surface to walk on, reducing chances of foot injuries but also brings in a touch of the natural, burrowing-friendly environment they are accustomed to [1].

Excited to learn more about keeping your guinea pig happy and comfortable? Let's delve deeper into the essential items and care tips for these delightful pets.

4 Things to Consider When Putting a Blanket in the Guinea Pig Cage

Some vital factors must be considered when introducing blankets to your guinea pig's cage.

guinea pig snuggling on a blanket

1. Opt for Breathable Fabrics

Your guinea pig's skin is surprisingly sensitive, requiring soft and breathable materials.

The Luftpets guinea pig cage liners, known for their breathability, are a rave in many pet stores. They are soft, ensuring your furry friend stays itch-free and avoids potential allergies.

Moreover, when selecting an "absorbent material for guinea pig cage," it's important to ensure it's not only comfortable but also capable of keeping the cage dry and odor-free. Steer clear from fabrics with harsh chemicals, as they can irritate their delicate skin.

2. Perfect Sizing Matters

A blanket's softness is a given, but its size? Equally essential.

You want a cozy blanket that doesn't limit your guinea pig's movements.

Remember, guinea pigs, natural prey animals, need spaces that offer comfort and security.

3. Keep Things Fresh with Routine Cleaning

Yes, guinea pigs can sometimes make a mess.

A dirty blanket can become a breeding ground for bacteria, whether it's a few droppings or a minor spill from their water bottle.

Washing their bedding, like the Luftpets liners, is a good practice in a washing machine with warm water and a gentle detergent.

4. Exploring Other Bedding Alternatives

While blankets, particularly fleece liners, have won the hearts of many guinea pig owners, there are other bedding choices to explore.

Some people choose wood shavings, especially kiln-dried pine shavings. Nonetheless, ensure that whatever guinea pig beddings you choose doesn't compromise the respiratory health of your pet.

Curious about the safety of blankets for your guinea pig? Let's explore this a bit more...

Can Guinea Pigs Have Blankets in Their Cage Safely?

Guinea pigs can safely have blankets in their cages, but some precautions are necessary.

Thanks to these soft beddings, your guineas have a comforting zone where they can burrow and feel safe, particularly during the stillness of the cage at night.

According to a detailed article by AtractivoPets, blankets serve as a warm haven for our furry companions [2].

Guinea pigs, fascinatingly, cannot regulate their body temperature. So, during colder days, these blankets become their go-to sanctuary...

But what about hard floors? Imagine walking barefoot on a rough surface every day. That's how it might feel for a guinea pig on a hard cage floor.

By introducing blankets, you create a preventive measure against foot ailments like bumblefoot.

Also, when you choose premium bedding materials, you ensure your pet's respiratory health remains uncompromised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can guinea pigs eat the fabric from blankets?

While some nibbling is expected, excessive chewing can lead to ingestion. Always monitor your guinea pig and choose non-toxic fabrics.

2. How often should I clean the blanket in the cage?

Ideally, once a week or when it gets soiled. This ensures a hygienic environment for your pet.

3. Are there specific blanket materials recommended for guinea pigs?

Fleece and cotton are popular choices due to their breathability and comfort.


The answer to Do guinea pigs like blankets is no meant feat... But, luckily, you know the answer! Here's the nutshell version:

Blankets can transform the living space of a guinea pig, ensuring they remain cozy, warm, and entertained.

By being mindful of the blanket's type, size, and condition, you can ensure your pet's well-being.

Lastly, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Go ahead and leave a comment below!


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