5 Christmas Activities That Will Make Your Guinea Pigs Happy!

5 Christmas Activities That Will Make Your Guinea Pigs Happy!

Are you wondering what Christmas activities will make your guinea pig happy?

Last year, I had the same question because I didn't want to exclude my furry friend from the Christmas celebrations.

So, I've prepared a list of activities to make the winter holidays memorable for your cavies and have as much fun as possible.

Just keep reading. 

Key Takeaways

  • Pet owners can include their beloved cavy in their Christmas celebration by decorating the cage, buying unique gifts, and spending quality time with their pets.
  • Always ensure that you give healthy treats to your cavies and don't spoil them too much with food during the holiday.
  • Don't forget to spend enough quality time with your furry friends during the holidays. 

5 Christmas Activities for Guinea Pigs 

The holiday season is a time to be with your friends and loved ones. But it's also important not to forget the four-legged members of the family. 

As experts from Kavee Cage say, "Guinea pigs are very sensitive creatures and respond to both their owner's and herds emotions." (1)

Cavies may not understand the meaning of Christmas, but they are social animals and can feel neglected if you exclude them from the family celebration.

But what Christmas activities are suitable and safe for guinea pigs? Here are my top suggestions! 

#1 Decorate Your Guinea Pig Cage

Decorating your cavy's cage is the easiest way to include them in the Christmas celebration. And it's not as hard as it sounds. You can a lot of options, such as:

  • Make cardboard Christmas trees. Your pet will have a wonderful time chewing and playing with them. 
  • Buy festive stickers and decorate the outside of the cage. 
  • Hang pet-safe garlands around the enclosure. You can find them in pet stores or make them yourself with basic tools. 
  • Use Christmas bows, ribbons, ornaments, and other miniature decorations.
  • Make red stockings for your piggy and hang them around the cage. 
  • Watch this video for inspiration.

Since cavies are curious creatures, be careful when decorating the cage. Always use only pet-safe materials, free of toxic chemicals, and check that your pet can't chew or swallow the decorations. 

#2 Give Your Pet Tasty Treats

I often spoil my cavies during the festive season with delicious treats. It's my way of showing them something special is happening around the house. 

However, you should be careful what kinds of tasty treats you give. Experts from the Humane Society warn that store-bought ones often contain artificial coloring and chemicals. (2)

Instead, make treats yourself. Here's a video recipe I often use because it requires only basic ingredients.

I also like homemade recipes because you can make the treats in a variety of shapes to match the festive season. 

But don't worry if you're not good at cooking. Fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs, such as celery, parsley, turnip, rosemary, thyme, melons, bananas, oranges, make excellent treats for a healthy guinea pig.   

However, be careful not to overfeed your cavy with treats. Give treats a couple of times weekly and ensure the rest of your cavy's diet consists of high-quality hay. 

#3 Buy Gifts

What better way to celebrate Christmas than getting something new for your furry friend? Guinea pigs are intelligent and active animals, so they'll love a new toy to play with. 

For example, this snuffle mat is a perfect choice for guinea pigs. It encourages natural foraging behavior and provides mental/physical stimulation.

You can also get Christmas-themed chewable toys like this chew toy set. Your pet will be happy to gnaw on it while the rest of the family celebrates. 

Other suitable guinea pig gifts include:

  • A fleece hidey. Cavies will love a Christmas-theme hideout where they can spend some quiet time during the festivities. 
  • Cage liners. Guinea pigs will love ultra-thick cage liners, such as Luftpets' products. It's perfect for napping, digging, and playing. 
  • Chew grass balls. They're an excellent way to keep your guinea pigs healthy and prevent dental disease. 
  • Branches and twigs. Your furball will enjoy chewing branches and twigs as much as expensive guinea pig toys. Just make sure the wood is safe for cavies. 

#4 Wrap the Gifts

If you want a Christmas activity that will make your guinea pig happy, you can wrap treats and let your cavy try to open them on Christmas day!

All you need is some twine, pet-safe wrapping paper, and suitable guinea pig treats. When you're ready, leave the gifts in your cavies' cage and watch them go! Check this video for a quick demonstration. 

I like this Christmas activity for guinea pigs because it's easy to prepare and can keep your pets occupied while the rest of the family celebrates. 

#5 Spend Quality Time with Your Cavy

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, so it's easy to forget about spending quality time with your furry friend.

But being around you is what makes your cavy happy. So, no matter what you do, your cavy will be pleased if you include them! 

For example, try watching Christmas movies with your cavy. It's a suitable Christmas activity if your guinea pig likes napping in your lap. 

I also tend to read Christmas stories to my pets. They may not understand the words, but they love hearing my voice, and it makes them happy. 

You can also dress it in a simple Christmas costume and take tons of cute pictures to share with friends and families. 


1. What do guinea pigs like for Christmas?

Guinea pigs will like treats, toys, hideouts, beds, cage liners, or other accessories for Christmas. 

2. What is a Christmas treat for a guinea pig?

You can make simple Christmas treats for guinea pigs with hay, red pepper, and parsley. 

3. What toys do guinea pigs love?

Cavies love chew balls, chewing sticks, rattles, tunnels, foraging puzzles, etc.  


Guinea pigs are smart and curious, so simple Christmas activities such as decorating the cage or giving them a new toy will make them happy. 

But make sure you keep your cavy's daily routine consistent during the holidays. Sudden changes are distressing for your pet and can make it anxious.

Also, loud noises can stress your pet, so make sure they have a quiet spot to hide when the Christmas activities get too much for them.

What do you think about these Christmas activities that will make your guinea pig happy? What do you do during the holidays with your pet? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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2. Guinea pig feeding [Internet]. The Humane Society of the United States. 2018. Available from: https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/guinea-pig-feeding


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