LUFTPETS Black Friday Giveaway

Win a DeLuxe Cage Set - LUFTPETS Black Friday Giveaway! (US & Canada Only)

Get ready, guinea pig parents! We're dishing out a bundle of joy that's a game-changer for your furry friend's living quarters. (Click here for the juicy bits!)

LuftPets is shaking things up in the small pet world with our latest giveaway! We're offering a 5-Piece Guinea Pig Cage Liner Set, including 2 of our softest bedding mats and 3 waterproof fleece liners – a true haven for your whiskered pals!

DeLuxe LUFTPETS Cage Set

Here's why you'll love it!

  • Luxurious Layering: Each piece in the bundle boasts a 5-layer design, offering a plush, absorbent haven that's beyond the ordinary.
  • Odor-Busting Tech: With advanced materials, these liners keep the habitat fresh, letting your pet—and your nose—breathe easy.
  • Stay-Put Assurance: Thanks to the non-slip bottom, these liners stay anchored, giving your pets a secure playground.
  • Multi-Pet Marvel: Ideal not just for guinea pigs but also for rabbits, hamsters, and more—this set is the versatile choice for any small pet parent.
  • Effortless Upkeep: Wave goodbye to cleaning woes, as these liners are a cinch to clean and maintain, promising up to 200 washes.

What's more, the trio of waterproof fleece liners—each a masterpiece of snugness—keeps their pad dry and oh-so-comfy. It's the kind of luxury that whispers 'home sweet home' in every stitch and makes a perfect Christmas gift idea.

And the perks? Impressive...

From the chew-proof resilience to the leakproof assurance, these liners are crafted for the long haul.

Machine washable? Check!

Reusable? Absolutely!

Suitable for a variety of pets? You bet!

It's the ultimate pet parent's dream ensuring that snack mat, playtime, and cuddle time are always on point.

This isn't just bedding; it's a deluxe suite upgrade for your pet's daily life. And the benefits are as plentiful as they are PLUSH!

So, why wait?

Click on over to our special link and snag your last-minute gift bundle before they're all gone. Your furry friend might not be able to say it, but their joyful, comfy snoozes will be thanks enough.

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Note: Participants must be 18 and older, Must be US or Canadian resident.

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Cheers to your pet's ultimate comfort and joy!


P.S. Want to see what else we have in store for your furry friends? Check out our complete collection on our Amazon store here and find the perfect products for your pet.

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