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4 Best Cage for Guinea Pigs in 2024 | LUFTPETS Reviewed

Buzzed about the best cage for guinea pigs? Scroll an inch!

As a guinea coach, friend, and owner, I've stumbled upon the best cages (including the LUFTPETS guinea pigs cage) that transformed my guinea's comfort to the MAX.

In this post, you'll discover the best cagesā€”pros, cons, and whatnotā€”and also some bonus tips, links, and special offers on some plush options.

Keep reading for the ultimate solution to guinea cages ASAP!

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the Right Cage: The comfort and well-being of your guinea pigs highly depend on the type of cage you select.
  • Enhancing Comfort with Luftpets Cage Liners: No matter what type of cage you choose, Luftpets Guinea Pig Cage Liners can significantly improve your pets' living environment.Ā 
  • Prioritizing Guinea Pigs' Needs: Always prioritize the needs of your guinea pigs when selecting and setting up their cage.Ā 

    4 Best Cages for Guinea Pigs


    1. Guinea Pig Hutches: A Natural Option

    Hutches have been a traditional choice for housing small animals, and some guinea fans pick them when keeping their furry friends outdoors.

    While the outdoor setting provides fresh air and sunlight, the pros and cons are always weighed.

    For example, one major drawback of wooden hutches is the lack of proper ventilation, which is essential to prevent respiratory problems in your guinea pigs.

    Another challenge with hutches is cleaning, especially if the wood isn't treated to prevent fluid absorption, which can lead to potential bacterial growth.

    Plus, keeping them happy is often tricky without adequate supplies in their cages.

    Also, watch out for hutches with ramps lacking protective sides, as they pose a risk of falls and injuries.

    On the brighter side, hutches offer a natural environment for your guinea pigs. However, being outdoors exposes them to pests, increasing the risk of fungal infections.

    To enhance the comfort and cleanliness of your guinea pig's hutch, consider using Luftpets' Guinea Pig Bedding Cage Liners. (See below!).

    Here's one unboxed!

    2. Small Animal Cages: Size Matters

    Some cages on the market are labeled as "small animal habitats" but are often too cramped for guinea pigs.

    "Guinea pigs are tiny little pets, but they need a lot of space to be happy," write Vet specialists at [1].

    Being small, these cages often fail to provide the necessary space for your guinea to thrive [2[.

    It's misleading for manufacturers to suggest these cages are suitable for guinea pigs, as they require ample space to thrive.

    Always be mindful of the space your guinea needs to prevent opting for the wrong cage or frustrating your furry friend.

    This way, you won't risk upsetting your guinea pal.

    3. Cubes, Grids, and Coroplast (C&C) Cages: The Ideal Choice

    C&C cages, short for "cubes and coroplast," are a popular option for guinea pig owners.

    The grid structure provides flexibility in size and design, while the coroplast base ensures easy cleaning.

    However, not all C&C cages are created equal. Selecting a sturdy cage with well-made grids is crucial to keep your guinea pigs safe and comfortable.

    4. Homemade Cages: Personalized Comfort

    For those who enjoy DIY projects, homemade cages offer the opportunity to tailor the living space to your guinea pigs' specific needs.

    Whether you build a wooden enclosure or a wire mesh cage, remember to prioritize ventilation, ease of cleaning, and ample space.

    In conclusion, selecting the right cage for your guinea pigs is a vital decision that affects their well-being.

    Whether you opt for a hutch, a small animal cage, or a C&C cage, always prioritize your guinea pigs' comfort and safety.

    Consider enhancing their habitat with Luftpets' washable cage liners for added convenience and hygiene.

    Enhancing Your Guinea Pig's Home with Luftpets Cage Liners

    Proper bedding is crucial when providing a comfortable and hygienic environment for your guinea pigs.

    If you have a traditional hutch, a spacious C&C cage, or a custom-made enclosure, Luftpets Guinea Pig Cage Liners - like fleece liners - offer a versatile and practical solution to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

    For Hutch Dwellers

    If your guinea pigs are enjoying the outdoor life in a hutch, it's essential to ensure their living space stays dry and clean.

    Luftpets liners are waterproof, making them an excellent choice for hutches exposed to the elements.

    Depending on the size of your hutch, you can select from various sizes of Luftpets liners to provide a snug fit and easy maintenance.

    Small Animal Cages

    In smaller cages, where space might be limited, Luftpets liners offer superior absorbency to keep the area dry and odor-free.Ā 

    The liners' non-slip base ensures they stay in place, even in more compact environments, allowing your guinea pigs to move around comfortably without bunching up their bedding.

    C&C Cages: Customizable Comfort

    The flexibility of C&C cages is perfectly complemented by the versatility of Luftpets cage liners.

    Whether you have a single-level setup or a multi-tiered palace, you can easily trim or fold the liners to fit your cage's dimensions.

    Plus, the soft and plush mesh top layer provides a cozy surface for your guinea pigs to lounge on.

    Check out theĀ best guinea pig cage setup!

    Homemade Enclosures: Tailored to Perfection

    For those who've crafted a unique habitat for their guinea pigs, Luftpets liners can be easily adapted.

    Their durability and ease of cleaning make them an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts who want to provide the best for their pets without compromising on convenience.

    Beyond the Cage: Multi-Use Versatility

    But wait... Luftpets cage liners aren't just for cages; they can also be used as playpen mats, travel pads, or even as protective covers for furniture during floor time.

    Their waterproof and absorbent layers ensure that messes are contained, making playtime and exploration worry-free for both you and your guinea pigs.

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    Skip to some basic requirements...

    Basic Requirements for a Guinea Pig Cage

    Once you decide to buy a cage, check that the following specsā€”size, space, cleaning, flooring, and behaviorā€”are met for a comfy, personable guinea haven.

    Let's start with size...

    1. Size Matters

    "What kind of cage is best for guinea pigs?" is a sticky worry among guinea fans. First, size matters...

    The cage size is crucial, especially since guinea pigs are social creatures and thrive in pairs or groups.

    Just as a spacious cage allows them to move freely, it also allows them to exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Generally speaking, two guinea pigs require a minimum of 10.5 square feet, three require at least 13 square feet, and four require a minimum of 16 square feet.

    For each additional guinea pig, add an extra 3 square feet or more.

    2. Vertical Space

    If your cage has multiple levels, ensure the main floor meets the minimum space requirements.

    Upper levels can provide additional space for exploration and play but should not replace the necessary ground floor area.

    3. Ease of Cleaning

    A suitable guinea pig cage should be easy to clean to maintain hygiene and prevent bacterial growth. Opt for materials that can be wiped down and don't absorb liquids.

    4. Flooring

    Avoid wire floors, as they can harm your guinea pigs' delicate feet. Solid flooring is gentler and reduces the risk of foot infections like bumblefoot.

    5. Consider Your Guinea Pigs

    When choosing a cage, take into account the age, size, and number of your guinea pigs.

    The best guinea pig cage suits their specific needs and provides a comfortable living space.

    Remember, the best cages for guinea pigs offer ample space, are easy to clean, have solid flooring, and cater to your pets' needs.

    By prioritizing these requirements, you'll create a happy and healthy home for your guinea pigs.


    1. What's the minimum size requirement for a guinea pig cage?

    The minimum size for a guinea pig cage is 7.5 square feet for one guinea pig, but it's recommended that two guinea pigs have at least 10.5 square feet to provide ample space for exercise and play.

    For each additional guinea pig, add an extra 3 square feet.

    2. How often should I clean my guinea pig's cage?

    It's essential to spot-clean your guinea pig's cage daily by removing soiled bedding and waste.

    To maintain hygiene and prevent health issues, do a thorough cleaning at least once a week, including changing all bedding and wiping down surfaces.

    3. Can guinea pigs live in wire-bottom cages?

    Rather not - they can cause injury to their feet and lead to conditions like bumblefoot.

    To ensure their comfort and safety, opt for a cage with a solid floor and use soft bedding like Luftpets Guinea Pig Cage Liners.


    Choosing the best cage for your guinea pigs is crucial for their well-being and happiness.

    Whether you opt for a traditional hutch, a spacious C&C cage, or a custom-made enclosure, make sure it meets the basic requirements of size, space, ease of cleaning, and suitable flooring.

    Enhance your guinea pigs' habitat with Luftpets' washable cage liners for added comfort and hygiene.

    By prioritize your furry friends' needs - as you should - you'll create a cozy and enjoyable home that they'll love.

    Until next time...


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